Have a proposition let’s change the sending cap of 3 gifts to at least 5!

Tired that you can only send 3 gifts at a time with 50 players it should be at least 5, & we need to up the rate of what we can send from 229k this I’ll be helpful for all, & it’s just minor stuff, sorry if this has been mentioned about before


I think the current limit of 3 is just fine. The FedEx or DHL may need more.

I think with a level 96 storage unit that holds 2.4xM I should be able to send more thank 690k at a time.

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I agree I wish we could send more rss at a time it would make events like feeding and fortification much easier for low level players that can’t make a lot of wood or food easily but still need 100k ish to upgrade things who are in low level teams that are already using all of there rss for themself. I would love if we could send more rss!


I think we should be able to send however much we want in one shot and to more than 3 teammates

This would be a lovely addition, infact it should not be capped at all :woman_shrugging:

They will let us pay for the additional spots…likely.

PG - high level functions…instead of being capped at the 229k rss and 3 transfers, why not increase both for the top players.

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Yeah, just like XP, it’s been capped since L186, as if they never thought the game would get this far :rofl:

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