Have a proposition


What if every time you buy a pack regardless of price your teammates get 1 gold chest instead of 3 rubies 2 egg tokens & 1 15min speed u, after all we are spending money, maybe that will trigger mates to buy a pack or 2, not saying do it for 1 gold pack but you can get lucky with some nice stuff that could be benifical. Just my thoughts.


That would be a hell of a lot of chests in diamond league. I don’t see that happening


They would have to drop the good drop rates or make things more expensive to balance the game if they did that.


that would just let players spam the lowest value pack available and that’s like $5 or something.

so thats 20 gold chest for everyone if 1 player purchased $100 worth of value pack. lets add 50 members purchased $100 at least once a month.

that is 1000 gold chest worth of free gold chest per month for only $100 each member ($5000)

that’s equivalent to 400k rubies of free stuff.

hard to imagine that this would be implemented and surely everyone would be bored to hell because everything is easy as long as you have someone that would purchase a value pack multiple times.


Exactly. I joined when sliver chest was Epic or Legendary then weeks later it to what it is now.

Gold chest as a reward nope. Bronze maybe, but still 99% no. Would be nice though :thinking:


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