Have a question about profile pictures

Why don’t/can’t we use our own pictures like a face shot as our profile picture, I mean I’d enjoy seeing who’s Base I’m destroying or vs versa. I mean the profile picks are awesome just wish we can put our own touch on it. Just throwing this topic out there, sorry if this was mentioned already

…Imagine the rated X things some people would put. :joy:


forum is connected to the game.

Also, Jared is the one who did the forum after the third party failed in doing their job.

They might improve this forum in the long run, but for now I think it’s still good.

I think he meant in the game, outside of forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely 100% against live photos here (forums) or in game. There are minors who play this game who may not know better that to not put their face out. Every other possibility aside, I think it is not worth risking the identity of a minor.


Agreed 100%!

yeah, I was gonna explain that, but can’t word it quite well.

If we have a douche here on the forum, they will track your photos down and get every information that you have publicly and then spread it inside the game.

Like “oh hi XXXX” even though your name is YYYY inside the game. The most likely that would happen is that this person will report that someone is invading their privacy by spreading that information.

Even a simple name drop of their actual name would make someone feel that their privacy is being invaded.

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True I mean I have thought of those possibilities too. Just they would need someone to track & watch everyone’s profile. I can see how it can be a nightmare.

I’d love to see the profile to see the level of the person I’m talking to.


I would rather see time played than level.


Nah when someone talks about obsidians and is in sapphire/garnet/emerald idc how much second hand opinion he read it’s not a qualified own experience and that doesn’t change whether he plays for 1 day or 3 years…

It’s like someone talks about a new Ferrari and rides nothing but a bicycle himself


Very true, but I think seeing level might cause negative assumptions. Like people judging validity based solely on level rather then experience. Idk, just what I think. :blush:

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There’s a whole comedic clip on “oh you don’t have such and such so therefore your opinion is invalid.” Although I can’t remember the name of the comedian who does it… regardless, let’s take the inverse. Having an obsidian does in no way mean that person knows how to fly it. I’d rather have a person who knows how to dodge mage shots, knows how to defend correctly, follows a breeding plan, and actively follows feedback on the game, spellkits and dragons, than someone who thinks girasol is cool.

To use your analogy, I’d rather trust the guy who made models of, knows every trivia about, and understands the fundamentals of a Ferrari, rather than the bloke who got it just bc he liked the color or he was told it was good.


Why did I expect that you’d answer. :thinking:

Lol let’s not interpret anything what’s not there in that statement.

Not everyone who has a Ferrari knows how to drive it properly. :man_shrugging:t2:

But he could theoretically the bicyle rider can’t by any means.

Or we could solve this and have both level and time played. :joy: Who says we can’t ask for both. That would tell us more about the person than either level or time played would on their own. :woman_shrugging:

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Good idea @MaliciousMinx

Overall medals help here too.

Medals tell you let’s say when a person played for 2 years whether he’s someone who regularly attacks live bases or whether he’s an xp base “hero”… :joy:

I think that’s what people do on steam when someone is giving a negative review.

6 hours played - Oh you didn’t have enough play time and you just went in and put the game on negative review?

1000 hours played - Why put a negative review if you already played the game for 1000 hours.

something like that.

Then those of us who use alts to talk look cray cray :joy:

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Lmao red that’s why I use safari with my main and forbid miniwar to speak up here :shushing_face: fucker is busy to rock plat league anyways :star_struck:

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I purposefully picked my alt to chat with due to the name being the same as my old forum/twitch/twitter name. I’m a loser :persevere:

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