Have Atlas can't reply in Forum/Kingpin

I recently joined a team with Atlas Beta but I’m not able to share my opinion on Atlas forum discussions. I wanted to share my opinion as a newbie to Atlas and the Kingpin event. First let me say Atlas is scary with a ton of rules and bigger levels. I’m a 103 so it is very difficult at the moment to attack people because of how high level everyone is compared to me. I liked Kingpin as a new person coming into Atlas. Since lets be honest, I’m way out of my league I was able to hit poachers as I normally do but get xp for my rider and Primarch. This made it perfect for a newbie like me. With the balance of power being so delicate and my position so delicate, I was able to advance without causing rips in the current situation. Maybe because the prizes in Atlas are new to me I was excited to get anything extra. I’m in a territory where ice is main shard so through the event prizes i am able to obtain other shards i need to get gear. I know Atlas isn’t something I will conquer in 6 months like I have so in the regular game. I’m super excited and look forward to more events that help newbies get on their feet.


Access the forums from the game (gear icon) to grant atlas category access.

How about the matchmaking button in Atlas? I don’t have the button to attack in Atlas? As I stated above because I’m new I can’t plan all out battles. Also does the matchmaking button only pull people your level with Atlas?

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