Have atlas will travel


Have you ever wanted to embark on a fully paid journey around the world with friends?
(Well too bad, we’re not offering one)


Do you want to see amazing sights, fly dragons, burn villages, and conquer lands?


We want eager fliers, trash talkers, and bad apples. We want the renegades who were kicked from other teams for talking out of turn. We want loyal team members who rally to defend one another, and stay up for hours raiding and sharing booty.

Can you read English?

Do you have a game called war dragons?

Are you interested in learning atlas? Or, KEEPING atlas (if you already have it).

Do you want a team that will help and advise you with base layout and breeding?


If this fits with your personality and gameplay style, then apply and message HonorBringer in game.

Team - UnitedinHonor


We are also offering referral fees (paid in gold or food) for permanent, non-alt accounts that come and STAY with us (must remain active and do wars/events/atlas requirements).


It may just be me but I couldn’t see the team name. Might be worth including it/making it more prominent mentioning league etc


Thats a fair request. I’m used to the first post always being a troll…but you…you’re good :+1:


:joy: That was funny. Good luck to you.


Made me giggle, nice recruitment post :joy::joy:



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