Have bases suddenly gotten harder, or have I suddenly forgotten how to play?


All of a sudden, I can’t beat bases that I used to be able to solo. I know there have been major changes, and since I’m not the brightest, I’m just asking for a simple answer…would these changes explain why the same level/strength bases are suddenly harder to beat?


I don’t think there have been any changes that would make bases harder. It’s possible that they got better defensive gear, but that’s about it.


You have probably forgotten, as the dragons are easier and easier to use.


Absolutely possible :cry:


Towers are out of wack - storms seem to make everything unkillable :roll_eyes:


Thought this was just me…

I’m getting a glitch where I destroy a tower, THEN storms kick in and the tower comes back to life


That’s rather interesting, but no, it seems to get easier to beat bases for me


That happens a lot to me. I believe the moment it starts the SS, though the cinematic isn’t showing yet the shield, it’s on.


If you have moved up in league, you may be facing more bases that have better gear (particularly in wars).


Or ppl just lvling up the gear
It’s a Russian roulette rn
They might be Base with 70s and 550m DP on Attack screen
And base with 60s with 1,5b on Attack screen


It’s totally the gears, I thought the same… and people finishing multiple branches of atlas season racking up gear… so its deff more interesting now.


yea more people are getting proper gear now.


Spend or get left behind, the mantra of this game :pensive:


you have certain bases in mind?
I had the same sensation sometimes but it had a reason:

  1. It was Invader and I did grow in level so Invader got scaled up
  2. It was Invader and PG decided to change HP and DMG from towers overnight (shouldnt be the case this time)
  3. It was an XP Bases and ownder of that base decided to boost the base (which I didn´t notice)

There are plenty of more reasons: took rider off? taken gear off? taken runes off?


The thing about the gear wars, is it wasn’t even about gears


No, it’s not specific bases. I have paid more attention since sharing the initial post. The issue seems to be that defense ratings are wildly misleading. Two bases may appear similar, with the same defense rating, a similar layout, and similarly leveled towers…yet one I can solo and the other wipes me out.


It’s the gear on those bases that’s probably slaughtering your poor dragons.


Hehe I love when I hit attk on someone showing 100 mil base and they end up being like 500 mil boosted :rofl: my poor ember…


my base without gear — about 850m… with gear… 3.06b … so it kind of makes a difference :slight_smile:


It’s the gear
I have been doing my one main set of defense gear and it’s up to +94%/+91% right now, and i’m not even done with it. It sure adds up