Have sorcerers been nerfed?


My teams members are reporting that their kinnarus and apophet are weaker than before, particularly evident when running XP bases, so I thought maybe the summon warrior-like spells have been nerfed (dodo, apo’s shadow etc)

Another reported Kelvin appears weaker too, so maybe all sorcerers got nerfed somehow?

Anyone experience the same?

Can PG confirm that nothing has changed?

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Only sorcerers I fly are Tengu and Merkt, but all seems the same here.


My Nier still doing fine, and that’s my only one Sorcerer :man_shrugging: So I can’t tell anything except “ fine “ :tipping_hand_man:t2:.


My Kinnarus seems weaker.


Maybe it’s a kinnarus thing then. Anyone fly apophet and want to comment?


More of a sarcastic comment lol… Kinnarus sucks and Apophet sucks :slight_smile:

My Fae is still the same as it always was… Strong…


check the towers that you are attacking. You might think it’s nerfed because the mage tower shot you and emptied your rage bar.

not every base is the same so that XP base might have changed something that made it hard for you than before.


Are you following eachother with Apophet and Kinnarus? If you use a dragon with summon warrior before a kinnarus or an Apophets Shadow, you will cause the dodo to become vulnerable to attacks. It’s a glitch or an intentional one maybe?? @PGJared


^ known issue as far as i know


The attacks themselves look small visually, but I looked at some xp runs I did with sorcerers before the change from my streams and I am hitting the towers the exact same amount to kill. Just a visual thing as far as I can tell.


Ya it’s hurt my xp runs on apophet when I first got it but it’s easy to get by if kinarrus is strong enough.


I haven’t seen any issues with sorcerers being nerfed. I can still take the same XP bases I could before with Kinnarus, Apophet and Chompa. Tengu also seems unaffected.


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