Have the bases been Nerfed?

I think the bases have been nerfed , is anyone else experiences this ? Discussions about War Dragons that don’t fall under other Categories can be posted here.

I think the sky is orange, anyone else notice this?

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The sky really was orange here at sunset lol

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Not in this part of the WD universe… :frowning:

Is there a chance maybe that your dragons became stronger suddenly? Like finished a research, added gear, or a rider you leveled…?

Nothing like that .

Then would you be so kind as to explain why do you think the bases have been unexpectedly nerfed? I am curious and excited about anomalies.


This isnt Facebook, no one is going to :+1: your cryptic message. Feel free to explain HOW you think bases have been nerfed

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I think the word “nerf” has been overused lately, is anyone else experiences this? I just feel that when real nerf of something happens, most players will just ignore such post.

On topic, to the author: do you feel that your base becomes “nerfed”, because every player could beat your base easily, or bases of other players, so it becomes easily for you? More details needed.


Or maybe the base boosts ran out and the OP didn’t notice :sweat_smile:


True :sob:
My base can’t even scratched fire mythic warrior strolling through my base :sob: /s

I’d hit you with a fire mythic warrior If he wasn’t on my perch. Then you’d stop crying though :slight_smile:

Update: I hit you with a fire hunter orca. You had some faithful defenders that faught hard, but I was still able to death gaze a monument before I quit with ember


:roll_eyes: It’s not Meh though… (Oni)
My base just can shot down one baby Kaze, no more than that…

If anything the other way around. Some bases I believe to be easy give me sometimes too much work with unexpected hp

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