Have to unequip rider gear in order to salvage?

I can’t remember if it’s always been this way or not. But it kinda sucks. I would love to salvage some common gear but it costs 50 rubies each to unequip first.

If you have replacement gear, just put it on over it. The salvage amounts are so pitiful you really aren’t missing out.
I’m pretty sure there’s an option to salvage a gear if you click on it in the rider screen, might also have level up next to it.

I was trying to move a rider with useless common gear from an old dragon to a new one. Bc the gear doesn’t match the element of the new dragon, i was just trying to salvage it. There’s the remove option and salvage option. But when I click ‘salvage’ it says i must remove it first.

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when you bond it to the new dragon, what is it telling you?

“Can’t bond Kayla to Chimerak bc gear’s element type doesn’t match with dragon’s element type”

But it’s useless common gear that I received as a Pg apology gift or something. I’m changing the rider to Chimerak bc Sage is expert Emerald and Chimerak is about to be Obsidian this breed event.

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can you just unbond a rider to no dragon? I am not sure. never tried it.

No. It either says “Already Bonded” or “Start Bonding” unless there someone you can do it other than clicking ton the dragon, then the Rider icon.

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