Have you ever fallen for someone in the game? πŸ‘€


And how did it work out? :eyes: :eyes:

Network Lag and its Impact on Gameplay



Yes. I fell for a gal named Kinnarus.

At first it was a wonderful relationship; we shared the same interests (laying waste to our enemies and looting their stuff).

Sadly, she ate me out of house and home, and when I stopped giving her colorful stones as gifts she broke it off with me.


MsSatania :joy:
Worked out badly.
Actually my current gf and I met here like 2 years ago nearly.
Since then we have met up and it’s happy days.


Sorcerers are heart breakers, huh? That’s why I stick with hunters!


I fell in love with Hauheset and lusted after her from afar… Then one day my dream was finally realized and I got to own this magnificent beast. She’s still teaching me how to fly her lol. She’s a tricky one that requires a deft, yet delicate touch.


Yeah… Red.
She told me to never write again. Some of my dragons left with her as well… sigh. :broken_heart:


My wife got me to fall in love with the game, then she left the game after 6 months.

Now she complains I am addicted. I say dedicated.


I met my now wife in this game. I was living in Iowa she was in Georgia. We were both level 200, then I became her dragon daddy. Under my care she never split xp again. We talked we called I visited I moved we got married and the rest is history


We have a dragon couple. They met on the team . Its been 6months so still early to see where it goes. They didnt realize we all figured whats up. Thought they were being so discrete. Lmao. Yeah, we all have been around each other too long. It was so obvious


Yep, my beloved Necryx. We’ve only been together for about 4 months but it’s pretty serious. Who couldnt love that big blood dripping mouth or those beautiful blood loogies he fires. Thanks NK for resurrecting him


Just wait until you try to get into a relationship with Neptus :frowning:️


Going to call out @IlB0MBEROSlI here… :joy:


Yes… leos


(Ten characters)


The thing about that is that I have and still am but I have not told him. Too scared too. Don’t know what he thinks of me. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him though


Hauheset is my waifu


:eyes: … maybe he’ll read this and know that it’s him. :slightly_smiling_face:


This site really helped me fall in love with myself. I figured out how great of a guy i am. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hopefully he doesn’t read it while driving and have a horrible wreck.