Have you ever fallen for someone in the game? 👀


Long before the weekly shuffling of teams, I fell for the biggest jerk in our division. He and one of my officers sincerely hated each other. The words they slung at the other in LC. :see_no_evil:

Thankfully nothing came of it but I sometimes still think of him. Hope you’re doing well Shrek. :kissing_heart::hugs::hugs:


I plan to meet my future ex wife here.


My honey and I met here almost 4 years ago, she sold her house and moved to Texas one year ago. Today we live and run a business together. Maybe we took merging our teams together a little too seriously​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Love my Ladybughug​:heart_eyes:


Taking my chances … hello are you there? My inbox is very spacious dont be shy.


I saw this and the song falling for you from teen beach movie 2 played in my head :joy:


Everyone seems to fall in love with me :slight_smile:️ Not sure if they are into my nudes or my personality though :roll_eyes:


I once tripped and fell while assisting someone with their war hit… does that count as “Falling for someone”?


Well there was this one French Vicky Secret model who said she was helping Brian Greene work out a few equations to finally present his unified theory of physics to their peers while not playing WD… then she hopped to Diamond and hasn’t returned, thus proving the existence of cybernetic black-holes in mobile gaming…


It’s Okay ladies you can tell everyone here about me :man_shrugging: :cricket::cricket::cricket::cricket::cricket::cricket::cricket:


That got me hard :rofl::skull:



Periods because body was to short lol


I fell in love with a russian.


Once… my mom told me to stop talk to him though…
hope your still out there… :weary:


I’m sure your mom had a reason for wanting you to not talk to him anymore. And am glad you listened to her. :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:


At that days when first season came out, Nightshade 100% was the gamechanger…

Later Hauheset got into where people even with emerald didnt let him fall out…
Noctua … came out , destroyed all… ^^

After that some seasons came and go … but then Necryx was the dragon why people got love with shieldbreakers again ^^

And so on with Neptus … now we wait for the next generation of hunter… while i am not 100% with Redrian. ^^


I met my gf in the game. She joined my team in 2016 we started to talk in line bc she liked my bossy attitude :sweat_smile: we called every day I met her in Canada in her home town she met me in Munich and couple months later she moved in with me and we’re expecting the first Forsakengenius baby in January 19. :smiley:

War dragons Tale

Congrats on your love nugget! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thx :smiley:


Did you get the DNA test? I still think Killgar might be involved. :joy:


Lol if he had a teleporter then maybe yes :rofl::joy: