Have you ever fallen for someone in the game? 👀


Naw, I don’t need tips. I have a therapist for that. :grin:

Edit: Just chatting. I enjoy chatting … and revealing the other aspect of the game.


You’re getting the “tip” from your therapist?



:woman_facepalming: Boys will be boys …


Mary Howitt?


Oh my. A new low, for you! Hahahahahah


I met my sweetheart here. In 5 days I depart on a cross country trip to be with him. :slight_smile:️ Been talking on and off game for more than a year now. Soon we will meet in person for the first time. Wish us luck. :blush::heart:


Awww <3

Congrats! I often wonder if i am too toxic to be capable of such romance… ive only ever been good at destruction :bomb::boom: maybe im scared, fuk if i know but i truly wish yall the best lol : )


That’s strange. With your name and avatar, you come off as such a sensitive and cuddly fellow… :thinking: :wink:


Lol anyone who has had the misfortune to be around me long enough knows i wear my emotions on my sleeve, always been like that…if i fk with u, im all the way out there and if i dont then i aint got a problem lettin u know i dont but i always try to keep a positive attitude as well as see the good in all that i can bc i seen more than enough bad : )

That bein said, sometimes it takes a monster to fight a monster :smiling_imp:


I hope you’ll have a wonderful time. :hugs:


Better to have a sweeting. It is nice to be able to put your guard down with your special someone … not have to worry that they’ll use your words or past actions as ammo. :sunflower:


You shouldn’t share our love story on forums!!! This is so like you. I’m not sure this trip is such a good idea…



Funny though…


Can we hear more about your visit? I’m hoping for a happy report :revolving_hearts:


Oh, is he on your team? :eyes:


You know. Spill :grin:


For now

. :kiss:


Are you seriously doing this right now? You can’t be that bored :rofl:


What do you mean Bo? I ground out 6k in tokens today. Gots time to be nosy about love in War Dragons :heart_eyes:


Either that or troll the i776 recruitment post again :smirk: