Have you ever not participated in an event

Has anyone ever suggested to their team to sit out an event?


It lasted a few hours or so.


Suggested to team, or team member?

To team, no. (I just let them know, and let them decide themselves).
To team member, yes (fort)

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To team and/or team member, basically leaving it up to the individual. Right now, in our division, the event is being dominated by an untouchable team and I’m kinda in the mindset to not waste my limited supply of IF’s and energy.

I’ve been in the similar situation (though I didn’t remember the event. Perhaps Kingdom Wars too? :thinking: )
At the time, I gave my teammates freedom to hit anyone, getting as many individual points as possible.


Perfect. I’d like to keep everyone engaged but without the pressure that seems to go with Kingdom Wars

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Completely no, but I dont use inners or energy if the last event of the season is pvp and we decide not to enforce minimums

Only reason Im grinding hard this event is because it’s still the discount week

ive had a few events in the past way back that i intentionally did not participate with my main acc’s and my teams at the time were okay with it.

i still occasionally do the exact same with some of my alts and my teams are okay with that.

have i ever suggested any of my teams not to participate in an event? never yet.

Yes, if and when kingdom wars.

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Well geez the REAL WORLD is in throws of a DEADLY PANDEMIC if at anytime there was reason to sit out playing a game it might be now… I for one find staying alive and seeing to the welfare and wellbeing of friends, family and loved ones as takin presidency over all else

Let me correct it. Its PANDUMBIC :man_shrugging:

If you’re staying at home cause of the virus isn’t that more reason to play :thinking:


You are assuming that person has paid sick leave. There is a significant percentage of workers in the US that don’t. Paying to play this over priced app is probably bottom of their list of priorities if quarantined.


No, but am about to along with my guild, to sit out the rest of this Event (maybe even rest of this Season), due to too many high leveled players, with Atlas being in Gold, to me does not matter if full guild or not! As have mentioned in few other threads, these guilds rightfully do not belong down here in Gold, especially doing nothing but throwing Mega coins to a ridiculously unfair advantage and dominating Events, to me these guilds are sandbagging being down here, straight up :rage: This is doing nothing but creating imbalance across all leagues(except perhaps Sapphire and Diamond, but then this is expected in those leagues) especially the lower ones, low moral for guilds like mine to point we will eventually not want to play game anymore, Mega coin use has gotten out of hand in a game that should be based strictly on flying/defending skills, how guilds strategize events, and legitimately work for and earn their event points, and to have worked hard to get somewhere in a event just to have it all their efforts destroyed in half hour is obscene and demotivating :rage: There is countless other ways PG can make money without Mega coins being involved at all, if do not want to listen or consider its removal their going to lose even more of the current player base. Need to make high leveled guilds, and really all guilds with Atlas have to stay in Platinum or higher leagues to retain Atlas access else lose it. Really need to get this situation under control as is beyond frustrating already, may want to see if any of these guilds are cheating while at it. Here screenshots of what is happening currently, all we have been trying to do is hold 3 monuments close to our capital.

@PGJared @PGawal You call this balanced and fair for guilds that have no prayer of retaliation :face_with_raised_eyebrow: YOU have created this mess, and it needs to stop! Have made Season changes that is hard enough on guilds like mine, much less try to compete with this as well :unamused:


lol don’t try to hold three monuments then? If you focus more of your defense around your capital, you might actually be able to hold on to a monument. The banana shape you’re making right now is not ideal for anything really.

edit. it’s against forum rules to call out teams

To be fair, lower leagues are terribly imbalanced. Teams of level 7s are expected to compete against teams like the one @AlphaUnChained mentioned (here is a SS of their land holdings from earlier in the event). There are a lot of things that should be improved about lower leagues to keep new players playing the game.


We tried different scenarios last night, just to end up in pissing match with guild in screenshot above, and now there is Jap guild doing same, though they not as high level as Korean one, but is obvious they are using Mega coins. That banana shape is what left of our efforts, and trying to cut off the area to regain area back. Have sat here doing nothing this morning except watching this get played out…Suggesting not holding monuments means we will not do well in Event or get far in last discount week of this Season, you think this is fair and healthy competition, or even fun when this is what have to deal with :thinking: This just makes me :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: Not intentionally trying to call any one guild out, just showing with proof of what has been going on and the level of these players…

But have edited and replaced second screenshot, as was not trying to break any forum rules :neutral_face:


Yess, and have a player retention/bring new players in thread started, and this is not good incentive for new player to stick around, that is for sure and a fact, or even in retaining what player base have left for that matter…

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Sitting out events for political reasons only hurts you. PG isn’t going to notice or care, especially if you weren’t spending anyway. You might as well just fine another pastime.

That said, the state of the lower leagues is a giant mess. It’s not about atlas or megacoins but about large players retiring to leagues that are properly the domain of platinum tier and below players.


Agree sitting out hurts you/guild, but has nothing to do with politics, reread the the reasons and why would considered it, please. We do spend, perhaps not on whale level, but still…Guilds having Atlas has caused other issues, and they are the ones creating the imbalanced and unhealthy competition in the lower leagues, and Mega coin abuse IS a problem in itself. Want to retire/break go inactive then, or PG needs to set up a separate area for these players, so do not interfere with lower leagues like have been recently. PG should care if they are serious about improving game as a whole, as well as retaining current player base, and drawing new ones in, and keeping them wanting to continue playing. Else all that will be left is the whales of the game, and eventually it will fail.