HAVE YOU GOT THE FIRE? EptaThalassa/Platinum 1-sapphire III/L 50+ atlas savvy a plus /gamers only

VDo you have what it takes to belong to a team that operates like a well oiled machine?
Your level is not an issue if you are over L49 however your ability to commit to the team is You’ll find 49 other warriors with the same high level of commitment. We Work. This is no longer a casual.game to us but a quest. We have fun and are fairly chatty but make no mistake when it’s war time: IT IS ON!! Our leadership is awesome ant there are many very knowledgeable warriors, and a dediction to task that you have to see to believe. Slackers will last only a few short hours here. We have no use for them. Yes we are a tough team to hang with but if you CAN you will love it here. But if you Miss a war-you’re out! Event minimums. Atlas adds hundreds of egg tokensv every day. Daily play a must.

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Where can I apply?!


:thinking: Atlas forces more runs done, which means more monuments destroyed.

So, it’s not really wrong about “hundreds of sigils” for a price.

On topic.
@DragonSpellZ no any other requirement?

then you

um… okay. o.O

and maybe he meant egg tokens?

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