Having log in issues

I’ve been getting this issue most of the day today; I’ve been able to successfully get in twice - once this morning, and once this afternoon. Both game sessions were kept short due to the game hard locking on my iPhone 8+. Some teammates have reported the same issue, but it resolved when they logged in using their tablet - I don’t own one (unfortunately), so I can’t troubleshoot to verify that side of things.

I would have created a ticket in-game, but… can’t log in. :wink: Anyone else having issues

Also, both hard locks seem to have occurred after opening up a large number of teammate bonus packs, where you get the “reciprocate” button. Guessing those were generated by purchasing the Chinese New Year packs. Can’t verify 100% because, well, I can’t get back into the game. Hope that provides a lead to go on tho.

Please reach out to support.wardragons.com and our team will investigate.

A complete uninstall and reinstall seems to have resolved the issue. Will reach out to support if it recurs, thanks!

Issue is back after one successful login. Support Request #1033048 created

After additional testing on the few successful login attempts I’ve had, this appears to be a sync error related to opening the “bonus/repicrocate” mini gift packs that yield small amounts of rubies, egg tokens and 15min speedups… but the game is throwing two different connection error messages instead of the usual sync error message.

Just wanted others to be aware, in case they encounter it.

@PGJared As of this update, 12+ hours without a ticket response… tho since the ticket was submitted late (9p Est), I’m trying to be patient. Not thrilled, considering I lost most of a breeding event day yesterday. :pensive:

Ok so after spending the afternoon at a funeral service I decided to check on the status of my ticket, only to find it’s been DELETED from my history. @PGJared I can see two other issues in my support account from two months ago that are listed as “solved” … and this one is simply gone from the list.

I also never received so much as an email follow up from a support person - besides the scripted “our team is reviewing it etc etc”, and now the support ticket (with the number I referenced in this thread) is gone? After not being able to log into to the game for the better part of the day yesterday, then trying to help by doing a chunk of the troubleshooting for the PG team myself while I waited for a response? Quite the Olympic-worthy customer service fail, if you ask me.

So who does this need to be escalated to now? I’d like some assurance that it’s been actually, truthfully, looked into and it’s now safe for me to claim packs without getting unduly punished with a hard freeze and being unable to log in for a few hours at a time.

@PGJared Support did reach out to me; I’ve been working with them on and off this afternoon/evening. There is apparently no answer to why I’m unable to reconnect for a half hour to an hour at a time due to borked client/server communication (despite two different, but solid, home WiFi networks).

The recommendation from Support is that I claim 5 of the issue-causing “reciprocate gift” packs, then close the app and go airplane mode for 5 minutes before restarting War Dragons. Based on how many I remember claiming before the crash-rollback-lockout cycle, claiming them in this fashion will take well over an hour. How is that fun for a player? Any player?

It might be time to implement a bread-and-butter feature of most Games I’ve played: the “Claim All” button, especially if the database can’t handle the volume of individual claims going on due to a special gift pack that PG implemented… on a breeding event weekend. Because this rigmarole has definitely not been fun for anyone who has been unfortunate enough to have experienced it.

That’s definitely weird, but your ticket should be fine. Agents can’t delete tickets; only admins can do that.

Well, I’m the head of the department, so I’ll take a look to make sure it’s being handled appropriately.

It’s not fun, but support is giving you an answer that you can do. At the same time they’re filing an internal ticket for our engineers to look into it. This isn’t a widespread problem though, so getting engineering time on it in the near future is unlikely. Support could ask you to wait until an engineer is able to look into the issue and code a fix, but that could take way longer than an hour.

Maybe! I’ll suggest it to the rest of the team. I haven’t seen a ton of requests for this feature though.

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