Having problems with tutorial

I just recently downloaded this game because a buddy of mine wanted me to play, and right now I am stuck at the point right after I hatched my first egg. After that, it wont let me do anything. The arrow just keeps pointing to the incubator, but I cant get any more eggs unless I progress through the game. My friend said that the loading screen looked like an older version, but my phone is completely updated so I know it isnt that. Any suggestions or advice?

Can you upload a screenshot of what you’re seeing and what happens when you click the incubator?

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This is what Im seeing there.

loading screen is just what smaller players see, can you click get more dragon eggs? that should take you to the breeding castle.

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If agree to try this. What happens if you try to get more eggs?

I did, and when I get there it shows that ive already own the dragon, so its just kinda stuck.

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I think u have to level Ur dragons in order to breed a new one

Are you able to attack at all with Frigg and Draco, or is it forcing you to click the incubator?

It wont let me attack. It tells me that i need to breed more dragons and get more resources. From watching a video, i think the fog was supposed to lift after I got Frigg but it just keeps pointing to the incubator.

I would create a support ticket in game (settings -> contact -> create new) detailing this. It will then give you a ticket number which you should post here for @Arelyna and @PGJared to look at. This is a major issue for a new player that should be addressed for you ASAP.


Okay I’ll do that. Thank you.

Kudos for finding the forum so early! It is not every day a new lv1 player come to us! :laughing:

I’m very sorry about your issue but I hope it gets resolved shortly.

Of course you are very welcome to the forums!
Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the forum categories and functions (especially the very useful search function) even though you already seem to know a little about it.


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