Having Trouble with Shrine of the Elements?


If your having trouble with the temple Raid Shrine of the Elements I made a video of every level of it. I did a brief explanation of how I did them. Also I can answer comments here or on YouTube.

If there is already a post I couldn’t find one that had not been closed. Enjoy.

Shrine of the Elements, what’s the difficulty curve? (formerly: PvP event in atlas)

Thank you! :hugs:


Nice contribution sir!


Looks much easier with all expert dragons for sure. I finally made it past the Uber Ice but was close to giving up.

Key for me was to cherry pick the mages with the first dragon (I used Gunnar) and cleaned up (to 84%) with slyphen


Awesome yeah. For me if I had destar maxed lot of the ice turret ones would have been easier if I didn’t have my divines.


Having pathox in for uber made this season much easier than last :]

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