Havoc spell and Havok runes?


I was reading the thread about the runic chests and went to look. Sure enough the spell is Havoc on a dragon but the corresponding rune is Havok.

We have been down this road many times that the spell had to match EXACTLY to the rune for it to work. Exploding Shield vs Lethal barrier, etc. Does the Havok vs Havoc apply? I’m hesitant to add this rune to a dragon to test it since I don’t have a way to unequip it.

Has anyone actually tested this or can PG confirm this?


Pretty sure the K vs the C doesn’t matter, as the other version of the spell is now Chaos. I’d test it out for fun, but I’m calling it a night. Maybe tomorrow after a long boring day of training at work?


Looks to be a typo. I’ve reported it for fixin’. In the meantime, Havoc and “Havok” should be the same thing. Chaos is different though.


Thanks @PGEggToken I figured it was just a typo, but so much hype was made about the runes needing to match the spell exactly I just wanted to check. And yes I know that Chaos is different from havoc.


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