Hayaku vs Gryff

Which one is better? Both got bloodfury so the mythic glyph can be used on both. Don’t like Hayaku much so I really don’t wanna make another warrior mistake again. Specially Gryff is not even on discount :grimacing:

Wait for a better (other?) Dragon to get Bloodfury. Still early to make major decisions…

At worst you are not really pressured into choosing any dragons after discount before all are released and reviewed by the community, are you? :upside_down_face:

I know :grin: But I finished Galgrim already and it’s not easy not using sigils ( more rss to do better on events) and I can really use another warrior to replace Hayaku (he sucks) :grimacing:. That’s why I was trynna find out if Gryff will be a good choice.
If not only option I’ll just have to wait for the invoker. That’s also another risk :see_no_evil: Coz I haven’t use one yet.

Aren’t you suppose to be sleeping by now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What’s sleeping? Anybody please explain to a mod what it is? :thinking:


Invokers aren’t that intimidating. I’ve played both and it’s fun, they are actually different. Namaka feels more Sorcerer, Sho feels more Hunter… I’m looking forward to the third Invoker :hugs:


Um switch to gryff hyaku is terrible as are most warriors wont make terrible choice

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Getting a non-discount warrior at all pretty much counts as one of those in my book… but tastes may vary.

Fwiw, I think Hyaku is more useful than Gryff, but both are still legendary warriors so neither of them will kill anything hard while defended.


I think I have to disagree about Hyaku being more useful. Hyaku is likely to have a lot of trouble dealing with both an ice flak and storm on a defended base.

Take this 5 tower kill Island (which I consider this setup to be the best balanced set up) as an example:

Blue Mage /Storm
Red Mage
Ice Flak/Dark or Fire Flak

The key towers to take out for Hyaku are the Blue Mage to enable Bloodfury for more rage, and the Ice Flak to stop its Spell Block. The problem is that if you fire on that side, you end up dealing no damage, because the storm shield goes off.

If you fire towards the storm, you end up having to deal with the Ice Flak spell block, which leaves you vulnerable to Mage Drain, if you can’t freeze both mages along with the storm, or just straight up damage if you don’t freeze the other flak. And in that scenario you still haven’t killed the blue yet, and the defenders are going to be healing the towers, so you are in danger of running out of rage.

Gryff by comparison, can use the Wing Gust to keep the towers stun locked, for at least four seconds, and probably longer with decent rage runes. This gives him the flexibility to focus down the blue mage, then activate bloodfury for two more rage to keep stunning the towers. Plus he should have enough killing power with the 200% damage boost to actually fight through the defender heals in this time period.


I say get Gryff and save his mythic rune for a mythic warrior.


Another thought I had, more on the subject of the runes:

Gryff’s rune and Hyaku’s runes are different. Gryffs reduces the cooldown on bloodfury, meaning you can cast it more often. Hyaku’s increases the duration of the spell meaning the healing effect and the decreased rage regeneration lasts longer.

This actually means that Hyaku’s rune isn’t necessarily a good choice on Gryff. Gryff is a very rage intensive dragon, even more so than Hyaku, so having bloodfury last longer, meaning that you get less rage during its duration is potentially a bad thing. (Although the healing is nice). Additionally the increased duration means that it will take longer to get bloodfury back (because you will have to run out the duration on bloodfury and wait out the cooldown to recast it), so you end up getting the +2 rage effect of bloodfury less frequently.

I would suggest flying with him a bit w/out Hyaku’s rune on him and seeing if you feel like needs more healing or more rage and deciding from there.


The main reason I was interested Gryff was the bloodfury rune. Thought I could use Hayaku’s runes on Gryff :grimacing: Looks like that’s not a good idea right now. To be honest almost all the people I’ve talked till now told NOT to get him :see_no_evil::joy: except one lol… but he’s a 525lvl :joy:

So I’m gonna start the base boost for my 2nd key and wait till the 2nd wave for the invoker. If he sucks it’ll be a rider as the 3rd :crossed_fingers:t3:

Thanks a lot forum :beers::beers::beers:

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I think Gryff is probably the best legendary warrior that PG has made.

He doesn’t have any of the standard warrior problems. He has good damage, can deal with ice flaks, can deal with mage drain. His biggest issue would come from longer ten tower kill islands where he can’t stun the back towers and just running out of the rage needed to sustain wing gust on longer bases.

On bases below level 300/350, that tend to go to five tower kill islands he should be able to perform well.

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As hard as it can be, hold your sigils.

If you’ve finished the discount and the token boost (optional), there’s a lot more to gain by holding onto 5k sigils in case the limited time branch has something your really want. You risk almost nothing by waiting, and you may find that the invoker in phase 2 looks amazing.

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Plus don’t forget, you can remove runes from dragons now :eyes: That’s a thing…

Even if you max a mythic rune, you can remove it an place it on another dragon for free. The rune will still be maxed out once you remove it, so you don’t have to worry about rune dust.

That’s just my two cents.

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Off-topic yet on topic… Anyone else is bothered that OP is spelling Hyaku wrong? :sweat_smile:

Or is it a nickname/language difference? :thinking:

(Hold onto your Sigils as others suggested, that’s my advice :wink:)


Oh snap, I just realize to😂

I like Gryph. He’s awesome.
You won’t be disappointed. :ok_hand:

Hyaku* lol

Wait. Unless you want a discount dragon (to spend sigils elsewhere,) wait until they all come out. Somnus taught me to be patient. (Although I just trained him for the last time yesterday :cry: )

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I’m not sure I would use Somnus as an example there, but the advice is solid. Dragons like Fomhar, Axi, Prospero, Sakura and Kullecid were all released later in the season, and were arguably the strongest legendaries of their seasons.