Hayaku vs Mehaten Perch

Hi all…
In an old post, I was instructed to get Mehaten for my perch… Since then I put Hyaku there (Garnet was my last stone)… I finally got Mehaten and level him to level 20 already… So… Should I keep Hyaku or I will be better switching to Mehaten (or level him up more before changing)… Both are fire, so same gear…
Thanks again!

Mehaten is better.
Mythic warrior bonus out weights legendary warrior anytime.
So level up mehaten more to expert before putting on perch


Thanks for your input… Couple of questions…
I maxed Mehaten, before I switched him my defense was 148M (I’m still level 181), then I remove all gears and bond my rider (Vivien) with the same gear I had and my defense went down to 146M, it will get better as my gears are updated (talking about hayaku vs Mehaten)?
Also, I started working on Stormheim (level 10), like him but don’t know if it will be useful in the future… Should I consider working on Dark gear and putting him on perch when maxed?

If you plan to stop leveling the perch at a certain tier then find a mythic of that tier.

If you plan to keep slowly leveling the perch up then catch a seasonal mythic to put on it so it can grow with it. That way you won’t have to acquire or swap gear all around.

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Got it… But right now, my seasonal Mythics are Gig and Faf’Nyr which will be useful for a long time… Anyway, just figure out that my perch is way behind for a emerald dragon… I’m at 37 and Emerald starts at 45 if I’m not wrong… long way to go lol!!! Thanks…

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