HCBD Looking for new players to apply

Looking for Members

LFM – Sapphire 3 – HCBD – lvlRequirement 150+


Language: English
Time Zone: Any we always have players on from around the globe
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: optional

About: Look us up to see the details. We are a solid group of player ranging from lev 400+ to 116 we require as any team war, events , and atlas in game and also like our players to use line app outside of game if your interested you may contact me or any officer on the team or simply apply to HCBD and we will contact you if your weekly :medal_sports: are right and you don’t meet the level requirements we can make an exception just want solid players

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Not apposed to a merge with the right team

Perhaps you could enlighten the kind folks what HCBD stands for :yum::yum:

How many castles you have?

Have to be a member or a former member to get those details brother not hard to figure out

We had 6 but pg wouldn’t admit fault on rusbears cheating so now we are down to 1 will have more soon with D1 alliance backers oh and Incase you think I’m kidding about them cheating here is a screen shot of them trapping and killing primes with shields up

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