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Hello … Look at the eyes of these people how to speak dirty words and speak and insult all of the Association and mocking them and more than that they have abnormal rolls I am sure to use special methods such as hacking and selling accounts and do not abide by the terms of the game and I would like to ban you deal with them and I will send you pictures of The way they talk in public chat and I spoke with them attacked him more than once and all the members of the team greetings to you and my aunt

I didn’t read thro any of that but i think your problem could be solved by three ways:

  1. Use the report and block button available to you by clicking on their name and hitting the block button.
  2. Send a message to you helpdesk with these screenshots.
  3. Don’t go into LC…

Good luck with this :+1:


if you don’t like someone smack talk in the LC, dont look at the LC. Worse case, block them. And if you are under 14 (You should stop the game cause you are violating of the ToS).
But either way, I understand from your point of view, LC should stay PG-rated. But it’s the world game, you cant censor everyone to meet your needs

What has already been said here is true.

The best way to deal with inappropriate language is to report and/or block people, take screenshots and include them if you plan to submit a ticket.

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