Heading towards plat for Atlas rollout? 👀


How may teams are doing this? Is it a non-stop war zone in your league? :thinking:

We didn’t do any warring and somehow got ranked to be promoted from g3 to g2 today. What is going on? :face_with_monocle:


Maybe the adjustments they did last week for wars that didn’t count cause of the problems they had? Just guessing about why you got ranked to be promoted.


We haven’t had any wars for about a month or more tho.




I didn’t hear any conformation of a roll out, so I don’t think there is a stand down for wars…business as usual?..lol


Free Altas elite last just 7 days.
In that time you want the highest base gold rate for the multiplier.
It would be foolish to drop at this moment.
Wait until free elites runs out, and if you’re willing to renew it.


I’m not sure if this is a form of sarcasm or you haven’t understood.
They are talking about warring to get to platinum to get atlas. They don’t have atlas yet so won’t get atlas elite certainly won’t be getting gold


Ooops, I guess I drank to much last night. I thought they were going to sandbag down from a high ranked team, into Plat, for the larger attack pool.
My post is not relevant to this threat


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