Headless Horseman Portrait Branch Official Discussion Thread


Hey All!

Please have your discussions regarding the Headless Horseman Portrait Branch here.

The headless horseman portrait
The Chill of Night Grows Colder. Behold, the Headless Horseman!
Halloween Portait
Prizes from headless horseman tree my opinion
Prizes from headless horseman tree my opinion

Seriously 5500 sigils, 3000 token and 20 12 hrs for 100$. thats just robbing pg.


@PGCrisis @Arelyna How often can you “skip” prizes?

Edit: ALSO, with the “sets” of portraits will there be one that is animated?


you’ll have more value with a $100 normal pack (ruler pack ?) with 35k sigils and 25 gold chests :man_shrugging:


Good for portrait.

The packs are a joke - not even remotely worth it


Now I really wish I can get back on, I’m so sad, and jealous, grr, really miss the game, I want the headless horseman now…and I don’t get to finish off my other dragons sighs


Yeah, so…

For $100 I can get 35,000 rubies, plus whatever the pack I’m buying provides (egg tokens, timers, whatever).

With 35,000 rubies during super sigil weeks, I can buy 70 super sigil chests (5k each) for 1,100 per 10 chests. So that’s 7,700 sigils.

This is an absolute ripoff. Unless you don’t have super sigil chests this season, in which case there should be rioting.


Thats what am saying u get 7.5k some sigils for rubies and 25 gold chests. Sigil packs are bad. Portraits good.


35000 rubies equals(rounding up) 90 gold chests, plus the 25 in the pack
115 gold chests
W. E bonus stuff
Let’s assume you get lucky with 5 legendary 10 epic
That’s 1125+1250=2375 sigils
So technically it’s more sigils directly, however overall less resources provided. Like timers and tokens


@PGCrisis can we gift these packs?


The option for a portrait with or without backgrounds. Very interesting. @Arelyna am I correct in assuming this is a method of determining the analytics on overall player preferences regarding portraits (yay or nay)?

Also, can you keep skipping to the end of the prize line to get the animated portraits, or is only the first tier free? If I elected to purchase, say, Embers, could I still go back to skipping the next prize in the line? I am an idiot who can’t read.

Regardless of the answer I think this is a pretty cool and exciting way to celebrate the holiday season with the players. If this type of branch became the norm in future season’s I would be quite happy.


I love the prize line, allowing us to skip the stuff we don’t want is great. I’ll for sure get me some black pearls and embers there, depending on cost might get some gold chests, timers and egg tokens too.


No, you cannot.

You can only skip the prize once. Once you make a choice, you cannot go back to that prize.

Yes, the fourth set is animated. It’ll be the 28th prize.

Nay. PGKharnyx and the rest of the Art Team heard the feedback that people would like to see some of the newer portraits without a background.


Portrait idea :bulb: is wonderful. But :see_no_evil: the packs are :-1:. PG I hope you know how much money are you not winning because of the way you make things. Decrease the cost of those packs and tons of people will buy it. I mean is basic marketing strategy.


Thank you for answering. What I meant was lets say I’m at the 4th or 5th prize and wanted to skip both… can I only skip one or can I continuously skip as much as I want? Or is it limited to one skip per day.


we are allowed to claim this for free ? skipping the rest of the 27 prizes ? :eyes:


@Grody, oh okay. Yes, you could skip both the 4th and 5th prizes.


Same awful packs that Axi had. If you’re going to do something like this then bring back the red card packs. At least with those people actually felt like they were getting something. Plus it was cool to be able to send them to teammates and help them out. Those were $4.99 for 520 sigils. If you were going to spend $100 that would get you

Red Cards: 10.4k sigils

Normal PvP pack: 35k rubies, 25 gold chests 1250 egg tokens and 6 days in timers. Those rubies would equal about 7k-7.7k sigils

This Garbage: 5.5k sigils, 3k breeding tokens and 10 days in timers

Im sorry but anyone who wastes money on these blatant ripoffs is a fool

The portrait is pretty cool and I’d like to see that option of getting it with or without a background in future prize lines. Or since we’ve seen it can be done, release each of the 3-4 portraits at the start of the season and let us choose which one we’ll get from a prize line


Do we get to see all the prizes at once like other branches or are we just hoping we don’t skip something that happens to be better than the next prize, for example


Looks like it, but you might as well get the other three free portraits too :joy:

And personally, I’ll be grabbing those Black Pearls for sure, unless they are crazy expensive.