Headless Horseman Portrait Branch Official Discussion Thread



There’s no reason to, all events have practically the same amount of black pearls.

The only reason to open in Fort is when you need Elemental Embers. Or if you are in the endgame, and need timers but really don’t care about tokens or pvp stuff.


Male instinct


I just took the portraits… theyre wickedly cool! Lol thanks @PGCrisis @Arelyna


I also like this portrait a lot and have him. this type of avatar is my favourite


Headless horseMAN :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Headless Horseperson. Cmon, it’s 2018.


In that case its Genderneutral horseperson


yes and the portrait is not headless or horsy at all. what make you think the MAN is still right?


Why the strange Black pearl number 70/140? why PG could not have stick to the usual format of 125/225 ?
So,so expensive… I need pearls desperately and even willing to pay for them but spending 100 USD ? or buy something that might give me pearls but not a sure thing?
Meh, I’m not a complete Idiot.
The “gifts” are too expensive


Why not?


Thank you for giving us a free prize. Honestly, everyone is ripping on the name & pic, but not a single person ripped on Tim Burton’s headless horseman in “Sleepy Hollow”. Since Christopher Walken had a pumpkin that he threw, Had an actual head, & got off his horse many times; never detracted from the fact that he was indeed, the headless damn horseman. Also, the sex of the avatar isn’t up for debate, since every single avatar in the past few seasons have been more often than not androgynous as hell or an actual female, I think it’s ok to let this one “THEMED” halloween avatar be a man.
By all means, try, but you can’t poke holes in the facts I’ve presented.
& once again, thank you PG for giving us the options of a free prize, no matter how others view the other prizes as “a bad deal”, comparatively speaking.


I’m really happy with the new portrait (it ain’t coming off) seriously. It’s a great job done by the arts team. (Bonus points for no background either)

But also the fact you let us skip unwanted prizes

I for one did not like the idea of 400 sigils for 160 black pearls :flushed::joy:

Ps please make the token bonus (200%-250%) buyable (within reason) next season as this would solve the uproar you guys caused by cutting us a week short well some of it at least.

Last note maybe if you introduced the skipping style branches to the season drags I think all of us hear will never have anything bad to say again :joy:


The most exciting thing about this line is my hope that maybe someday it could be adopted to other lines so we might have more of an A la carte option to pick and choose what rewards we want or don’t.


If prizes were worth the sigils I would spend but it wasn’t even though this was a test run I expected better prizes


I think you completely missed a whole lot of sarcasm.


I liked this initiative, a very positive attempt. The portrait is nice and you can have 4 of them for free (not that I care too much about avatars though).

But, it could be much better if it ran on duskfalls last week as it makes more sense as a place to “dump” extra sigils. Right now players are focusing on dragons or riders.

If i was to choose, prizes would be only gold chests (for next season preparation) with sigils price decreasing slowly along the line. I think it would bring harmony for the seasons cadence


Agreed, love the portraits but the other prizes weren’t great when compared across other branches.

E.g. Normal season line egg tokens for 400 sigils:

Annnnd the headless horseman one for 400 sigils:

If they’d been equivalent values or amounts I would have claimed them


They are “special prizes.”


Portraits are cool. Getting them for free is a nice option.


Fun development fact: internally during production, we called the character “Equestor Knight.” However, we figured that was too much of a “deep cut” - so we went with a more traditional Halloween name.