Headless Horseman Portrait Branch Official Discussion Thread


Good job on the free portrait, he look sick!

That said, WTF with the prizes??? Do you really think any of those prize diserve a claim???

IF those prizes would have been 10 times what you give for the same amount of sigils, then, maybe I would have spend sigils to get them…but wow, it cost so much for so low…

If you wanted people to spend sigils…maybe you should have though better…


Like Amarok Knight. :grin:


Headless Horseman > Equestor Knight.


Love the art department. This portrait is great. I hope PG repeats this idea of a special portrait released with the skip the prize method. Thanksgiving … zombie Turkey? Christmas … sexy Mrs Claus. Valentines, St. Patrick’s, Easter, … so many opportunities.


You guys did an absolutely amazing job on this portrait. I love it, and the option to have the background and no background (I did both anyway :slight_smile:).

What do you think about a portrait of a pile of egg tokens to commemorate the great egg token boost fiasco of 2018 that we all endured? :rofl:


Mr. And Mrs. Claus dragon riders. :joy::joy:


Usually, I’ve not put much on Portraits, but, lately IMO those available to me were getting boring, the Horseless Headsman :rofl: however is refreshing.

I hope, regardless as to how many players didn’t use sigils to purchase anything in the ladders (I only did one) and went straight for the portaits, that PG doesn’t abandon this for future Holidays. I see it as a way of giving back to the community, and I for one appreciate this. Thank you.

Having looked closely at the costs of sigils vs item and reading other posts addressing this, I have to agree, that I think next time possibly PG could at least make the cost not more than 110% of what is in the other LINES.

I DO recognize that to get to similar prizes in the other LINES takes expenditure of much more sigils to get there and thus a price penalty is warranted.

So, PG you did give us two things, a more direct way to get what we need, and free portraits. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but would be nice at certain Holidays if we got a higher number of an item that really has an impact on leveling and a lessor penalty on sigil expenditure versus what the rate is when you land on the same item on a devine dragon path.


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