Headless Horseman Portrait Branch Official Discussion Thread


YUP. Portraits are super duper free in this entire branch.

Hallowe’en special portraits

There’s a gif in the post, branch looks like this:



Okay thats awesome !! :heart_eyes:


Yes, you should be able to see all of the prizes in the branch. Please note, the gif may not have finalized numbers or prize information as it was only create to show the skip functionality.




@Arelyna I LOOOOOVE the option to skip prizes that you don’t want. Please, please, please let me get what I want, and bring this to next season’s seasonal lines as well.


How many sigil cost for the whole branch?


Ah I was secretly hoping it was just the cost that wasn’t final… Oh well we’ll see soon enough. Looks like a very nice celebration branch regardless, with the skippable prizes and free portraits. Nice job!


Can you please like bold, enlarge, color, pop out this part?

It’s a pretty important part


So to clarify. People who decide to progress through the portrait branch but run out of sigils on the last day may as well just skip the rest and grab the portrait, or people could choose to not get any prize in the branch and just skip it all and get the portrait completely free. The only exclusivity to this portrait is effectively you’ve got to be playing during this week?

Edit: I agree that the value of those packs is very disappointing.


I disagree Lutrus,

I for one am excited for all the angry threads from people complaining they skipped a prize by accident. :popcorn::sunglasses:


The portrait branch is great, I like the system and holiday excitement behind it :+1:t3: That’s a nice idea even if prizes aren’t big.
However packs are twice as pricy. Would have gotten some if price was chopped in half, but for now will be waiting sigil chests (won’t survive through frustration and gonna quit if there will be no sigil chests this season :sweat_smile: rely on them a lot)


I agree with you. So i will skip all this special hallowe’en portrait branch😂


We can skip all the prizes and get the portraits for free? Holy shit, I’m down for this (though I’ll take those Embers and Pearls thank you very much, and I hope they’re not too expensive…).
The packs are a huge ripoff, I see. Not like I would spend on them anyways though :man_shrugging: :t_rex:


Free portrait? Thats a very dangerous path PG is walking. A lot of my team is thinking in quitting after I told them they are getting free stuff.


Alright this is pretty freaking nice. Good job PG :+1:t2:


I’d also like to say how cool it is that we can choose between a portrait with a background and one without. PLEASE let us do this with the regular season line portraits too! :pray: Some of them would just look so so so much better without backgrounds. :t_rex:


Yes, 100%.




  • Free, cool portraits

  • Option to skip prizes you don’t want to pay for


  • Packs are a blatant ripoff; try doubling what’s in them if you want them to be special

  • Advertising the line as containing “special prizes” that “are not contained in any other Duskfall branch, including Black Pearls, Rune Dust, and Elemental Embers” is blatantly false.

    • Black Pearls ARE in other Duskfall branches (e.g. Lorenzo)

    • Rune Dust IS in other Duskfall branches (e.g. Sylphen)

    • Elemental Embers ARE in other Duskfall branches (e.g. Egg token bonus)

    • The Timers, Fire Shards, Ice Shards, Gold Chests, and Egg Tokens also shown in the gif (but not specifically mentioned as being special and absent from other branches) are also present in Duskfall branches.

TLDR: Yay, portraits! Yay, skippable prizes! Aaaand we have some straight-up lies and a blatant rip-off too.

For “lies” context:


Thanks for the catch. It’s never our intention to lie. We will update the messaging around this.

EDIT: We’ve updated the messaging: