Headless Horseman Portrait Branch Official Discussion Thread


I think this summary nails it.


All of you guys complaining that the packs aren’t as good as sigil chests, be careful. You might send the message that it’s the sigil chests that need to be adjusted and not the packs.


Thanks, Crisis. And sorry if I come off a bit harsh. I just got a bit frustrated.

I went from “Oooh, special prizes that aren’t in the season lines? What could that be? Special runes, maybe? I can’t wait!” to “Seriously? This isn’t just not amazingly unique, it’s actually, literally false!”


That’s okay, I appreciate a call-out if it’s something we can help improve. I apologize the messaging was not entirely truthful upon first posting. :slight_smile:


how long will this portrait branch be available for ? sorry if i missed it :roll_eyes:


1 Week only.


Hey, the portrait is technically free at least. A new concept for PG not to milk us for everything we’ve got. Give credit where credit is due and don’t buy the crappy packs.



Is there ever a chance that this pack will be reconsidered ?


I was about to say the same thing 2 x 12hour timers for $9.99… come on PG tis the season for giving… candy. You call these candy but this is cheap as hell. What a shame. :frowning_face:
The season line is pretty cool, I will take advantage of this. Hopefully timers are of abundance in here.


So I can skip all the fire and ice shards if I want



So with the skipping, can it be done any time? Like say I only wanted the gold chests, egg tokens and elemental embers from this, could I skip the other items after purchasing previous ones or is it that once we start unlocking we cant skip anymore. Could I do this where the red Xs are items I’d skip?


skipping timers? Why skip the one thing you can’t farm?


This was just an example. It would totally depend on the costs. Im going for Pathox so I have very few sigils to spare


Huh? Timers drop all the time during raids :face_with_monocle:


Same… if i take anything (will depend on the price) but it will be embers/pearls(since we dont get any anymore) eggtoken and chest in that order

But like i said, it will depend on the sigils cost vs the number of each of those


Boy… the value of money sure has changed. At least in some peoples way of thinking.

  • This year I have travelled by airplane from the south of Europe to Ireland several times. It normally costs me 100€ total two ways.

  • Instead of purchasing several resets of these packs one could actually acquire a new and updated phone or tablet to play WD… for less money.

  • For 69.99€ one can buy a full new game on the market.

  • For $99 I would expect a full dragon and more, and I still wouldn’t buy it. Or it would have to be an incredible long lasting dragon.

Like I expressed initially, the value of money sure has changed…


Ah yes, they just started on this when they released the horrible update. It definitely wasn’t planned probably months in advance, as we all know how well artists do under short notice. Totally just something they spent all their time on instead of fixing bugs.




Dude, I truly hope you won’t be a hypocrit by claiming any of the free portraits. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They’re probably one of those people who will quit because PG is giving out too much free stuff. The horror.


You can forge them and get a crap load from Atlas events. I would skip timers too.