Headless Horseman Portrait Branch Official Discussion Thread


Well nice job PG. I thought this was a ploy to spend all our sigils right before somnus comes out so we have to buy more. I’m very impressed by this, though. I definitely need some black pearls, so I’ll be getting those and some sweet portraits.

Thank you!


I think how people will skip the prices depends on their own particular necessities so.


Thank you for the free portraits! :kissing_closed_eyes:


Just wait Sam… Just wait… Timers will be all you need eventually. And there is no good way to get them.


Or those that spent sigils to get the portrait only to find out you can skip it… :joy:


I’m looking forward to getting these portraits for sure.


The problem will be fixed by the time I get there :kissing_closed_eyes:


those will be good too! lol


You mean we won’t get 1 egg token for 100 sigils? Shucks :wink:


I wouldn’t count on it. If anything it will be made worse. It’s PG we are talking about remember. Timers is the one thing keeping those bigs spending.


But they worked on the wall …

Cheering that ya’ll will prove Mike wrong, PG!!! :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:


worked on, didnt fix it… not by a long shot


Made it more better. Things take time. Patience is a virtue lil grasshopper :pray:t3:


I have given them 3+ years to fix the game. In the video game world that’s an eternity. So again, i wouldn’t count on it.


Holy sh*t I never thought I would say this but this whole thing is absolutely incredible. Everyone thought that this would be a normal seasonal line where you have to spend sigils to get the portrait. But no. Instead, PG had the genius idea of satisfying pretty much every player ever by making it so you could skip prizes. Basically, this is entire line is a la carte. If you don’t want a prize, then just don’t get it. And the Headless Horseman portrait look amazing too. I mean, there is an option to change from with background to without background! There is a high chance that I might switch from Shadow Knight to Headless Horseman. Hats off to you PG.

Edit: Yeah I forgot to mention that I desperately needed black pearls and other things but this just solved all my problems(hopefully). Everything depends on the price for each prize now. Fingers crossed.


Its just cosmetics…


And you’re still playing cause no matter how much you rant … there is a teeny tiny bitsy bit of hope that hasn’t been stomped out yet. :grin:


7,700 sigils for $100 is kinda low honestly. PG is overestimating how hard it is to get sigils and players don’t see how much money $100 is.


How on Earth did a free portrait makes its way past the financial department? The winds of change are blowing…


Im on forums more than game these days. I barely play. so that hope you speak of is fading.