Headless Horseman Portrait Branch Official Discussion Thread


That portrait looks amazing.
Will every portrait for the next season have the optional background? or is that still in discussion?

The option to skip prizes is a very interesting idea and gives me an idea of how we could solve the sigil increases as we get higher tiers, but i guess that would be off topic so ill gather my thoughts and make a suggestion post.


don’t jinx it


You can get it for free? Darn. I was hoping for a more exclusive portrait.


Don’t make me tell on you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Its still exclusive. Anyone having the black screen issue will not be able to claim it.


Pretty sure there are 1000`s or dumbs outside spend $100 for that garbage👻


waste of money. You won’t see me spend a cent on these worthless packs.


Another rippoff by PG trying to get our money.
Make it an 100k token, 50k rubys and 500 12hour clocks, than it will be special and people buy it🤦‍♂️


I like the idea of the a-la-carte prizing, so thanks for that! Free portraits is always a good thing - I always hated having to spend sigils on a portrait, so thanks for this as well!

As for the packs; obviously terrible value - so don’t buy them.


I don’t think there’s any way in the fiery inferno of Hell that this prizing structure will ever be extended to anything beyond cosmetics. There is no way they would offer a seasonal dragon where you could choose to skip prizes and go straight to the dragons and evolution stones.


Once you skip you cant go back how many times can you skip on the line though? Once, twice, 14 times?


You can skip all of them to get just the portraits for free. :t_rex:


lol theres no way that its that simple. several factors would have to be based on total sigils spent. not evolution stones or prize numbers.


Ok. I’ll wait until you have collected your thoughts and posted your suggestion.

Hope it’s a good one.


They “could” make the sigils cost alone add up to the regular line cost (31k or whatever it is atm) and have all the in between prizes as optional.

Not saying it’s a good idea. In fact it’s an awful awful awful idea. I’m just saying there is a way it could work.


When I read this posts I was thinking something similar, more along the lines of putting a tag of 25k sigils on the stones alone and an additional 20k sigil for the prizes.

The total sigils would now be 45k, but prizes can be increased quite a bit to actually make them worth it, that way you can choose between base/account progress, or getting a shiny new dragon.

Just an example… It could work and not in an awful matter.



How many times can you skip please?


Already answered several times: as much as you want.


Agreed. Though, it won’t get you any closer to unlocking the mythics as they would still make you claim everything in the previous line. And hypothetically, if on some distant parallel universe they allowed skipping in the regular season lines, you would permanently lock away your ability to claim a mythic by skipping a prize (since you can’t go back to claim it).


I love this idea, this is honestly amazing! Great job on the portrait branch pg!

I am definitely disappointed with the packs though. They might be worth it if they were half the price they are, say $5, $20, and $50, but that’s just what I think.

Anyway, again, love the idea for the portrait branch!