Headless Horseman Portrait Branch Official Discussion Thread


Probably the same way that Necryx ended up as the discount dragon. Drunk interns pressing buttons and accidentally approving something and no one was brave enough to ask the higher ups if they were sure


These packs are trash. Even more of a ripoff than the normal packs. I guess some people have more money than sense, because I’m sure they will sell tons of these packs regardless.



Oh for sure there will still be tons of gullible people throwing handfuls of cash at these things because they either cant wait or dont bother thinking about what they’re actually getting vs the cost.


That’s it exactly, they dont want to wait for sigil chests :point_up_2:


It’s convenience tax, pretty much :stuck_out_tongue:


Stupid tax?


I guess the packs are for people that want the goodies in this LIMITED EDITION stuff and don’t have enough sigils. In that sense the comparison with super sigil chests is absurd, you can’t get the prizes at that point (December)

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Dear PG @Arelyna, so we can skip all those branch to get those portrait for free?? no condition?


Really like the idea of skipping prizes and great job on the headless horseman art work! Happy to see something positive being said about a new feature. Packs on the other hand aren’t too great tho. A few weeks ago you released a $100 pack that included 12k rubies and 43,000 egg tokens that people actually wanted. A whole thread was dedicated to allowing more players the ability to get access to them. Not sure why more packs similar to those aren’t being implemented?


yes mate.


So, the packs are utter garbage… as if the “epic gear” for 100$ wasn’t insulting enough… I was excited, thinking maybe I can drop 40-50$ for 10k sigils plus some other stuff, dozen gold chests or some rubies and timers. A good holiday sale worth some hype, limit 1 time buy.

Literally less value than sigil week drops which you dont even need money for…

PG you need to step your game up. Right now the value of everything, literally EVERYTHING that isnt elite/atlas buffs is a complete joke only an idiot would buy…

Still dumbfounded by the 100$ for epic gear. That bundle wasn’t even worth 10$… it’s 3rd best quality… bronze class…

Do better.


I could see them using the options feature not to let us skip, but to give us a choice between a couple of prizes at some points in future lines. e.g. between fire and ice shards. It would be nice for things like pearls that have very different values for different players.


Yep, agreed. 10 days worth of timers… with the increased sigil cost for this season the 5500 is underwhelming and 3k tokens… I won’t even make a comment regarding that further.


How much is the total branch? @PGCrisis


how does that information help without knowing WHAT exactly you will get?
ist ist 1k egg token or 10k overal?

I guess we all have to wait


Where is the horse?
horseless horseman?


How much will this line take to complete ?
How many sigil for all 28 prizes ?


I am sure people will complain that they skipped the portrait because of how they badly need those free portrait.

Reminder that this isn’t a one day event so take your time skipping things.



100 perhaps for all portraits…

Also, will be different if you planned to claim all.


Thinking of claiming all