Headless Horseman Portrait Branch Official Discussion Thread


its not been announced yet.


I no hopes pg would comment on here the cost


What use would that information be if we don’t know the contents?

It’ll be live in 12 hours anyway, much easier and more reliable to just wait a minute.


I like it. The branch contains stuff I desperately needs.

However I feel like the packs are way to expensive for what they offer. The reds packs back when Kirin was introduced would have been way cooler.


The packs are definitely not worth it. As mentioned above,

  • for $100 you can get 35k rubies and 25 gold chests.
  • 35k rubies spent on sigil chest alone average up to 7000+ sigils.
  • The 25 gold chests with the rest of the goodies you get.

I still cant seem to understand how PG thinks that this is a reasonable offer and even worse some players are actually stupid enough to buy it :man_facepalming:


I think your last paragraph explains why they’re doing it. They know people will buy it :roll_eyes:


If you really want a mind-blowing thought exercise, go look in the store at the $100 packs - any of them. Look in the upper right corner, and see what that says.

70% off.

So you’re buying something for $100, and that is the 70% off price…

PG’s original “value” of these packs is $333.33.

There are many games that are funded by microtransactions. War Dragons is not one of them. War Dragons utilizes macrotransactions. I think that’s a new word, but it’s fitting.


Come on, that 70% off is just marketing speak


The branch looks like a really good offer. I’ll definitely only get the black pearls and the portraits since I already have lots of emebrs and rune dust


I really cant tell if they are worth it or not until I see the new line, its prizes and costs. IF prizes are too good, it may be worth since it is a limited time thing. Maybe 5000 sigils are better now than 7000+ at the end of the season when the line is no longer available.


Can I get a branch with like 10000 days worth of timers?


I feel like the value of timers change depending on levels. Under 210 I timers were in abundance but now that I am over 240 timers are getting very valuable.


Just wait until you are 301…


I know the anticipation makes me want to save timers.


With new event cadence you will lose timers a lot, so at one point you are fuked soon in fortifications.
Fort, breeding, meantime troop build an primarch leveling. Only timer heavy events repeatly lately…


Just clicking through the portraits after the forced content update… is there an animated option without the background?


Looks like there isn’t animated w/o background


Confirmed that the animated one only comes in the background version.


Awww man, that sucks. :slightly_frowning_face: :t_rex:


I’m with u man:/