Headless Horseman Portrait Branch Official Discussion Thread


It appears to me that the prizes for sigils spent are more expensive than regular season lines. I was hoping it would be equivalent, but I guess they couldn’t be too generous. :joy:


I see someone in LC with the new horseman avatar but I can’t see how that could be unless the event is live for some people…

Edit: Gotta remember to restart :woman_facepalming:


me rn


When I click on the prize line I to now get the “black screen of death”…this is crazy, fix one thing another breaks…sooooo frustrating. Why can’t we just log in and play the damn game??? It is totally not to much to ask for!


Good thing that we‘re able to skip prizes , don’t think they’re worth it :sweat_smile:


What do you mean? 140 pearls for 400 sigils is a total steal! /s
I’d do some math to see how these compare to other season line rewards but I am lazy and also bad at math. :t_rex:


I just compared to regular seasonal prizes and saw the price vs these…yeah, if this is the final cost I’ll just snag the freebies. :+1:


Honest to god, I don’t understand your marketing team. I mean, the cherrypicking tactic would work fine with reasonable prizes, people would still spend some sigils on some things they feel they need. Now practically everyone will just skip everything and get an (awesome) portrait which is the least exclusive event portrait ever to be released.

Someone help me understand why anyone would spend sigils on any of these prizes when they can get double or triple their worth in the other seasonal branches?


quick totals - everything (ignoring portraits) 6k sigils
That gets you:
1k sigils: 25 12hr speedups
1k sigils: 10 gold chests
1k sigils: 2k egg tokens
1k sigils: 3k fire/ice shards
1k sigils: 1M rune dust
400 sigils: 800 elemental ember
600 sigils: 210 black pearls

add 150 sigils for the portrait collectors that ‘gotta have them all’

I’ll leave it to others to determine comparative value

edit: with the ability to skip prizes, figured it would be worthwhile to add in the breakdown of sigil costs by prize item type


I think the only thing I’d even glance at are the speedups… which is why I’m waiting to make a decision before being impatient to do things AGAIN.
(I’ve held off getting Prospero for this long so I have faith in my willpower. But that’s off topic.) Anyways… bad deals IMO. Bad deals all around.
Edit: Nevermind, looking at the regular season lines I can get about two times the timers for the same amount of sigils. IDK what I expected from this portrait line anyway. :t_rex:


Getting the timers,chests,shards and embers and last 2 rune dusts it is ok for someone like me who only did the rider,boosts and cavy this season


Its okay no animated one w/o background. Thanks PG for making this awesome portrait!


Ooh that looks cool


Costs for anything besides the portraits are astonishingly bad :rofl:

I mean they’re so bad I’m not even mad; it’s hilarious!


Definitely have a glance at the pearls and embers, unless you already have more than enough of them. Those are actually well prized. The timers are a bit meh, if you get any, the 8-timer one is the best value, the 2-timer one is the worst.


Ahh, too late :see_no_evil:
I did pay 150 for all of the portraits, though I do wish there was a backgroundless animated one. Kind of disappointed. Oh well.
Neat new idea though, and I hope it returns in some way. :t_rex:


Agreed! Hoping next season all portraits have the dual option.

I also see interesting possibilities for the other lines, like giving you a choice between two items for each drop. That would not require retuning the cost of the whole line, but would allow people to pick the items they’re most interested in.


I would LOVE that. Give me a choice to choose something other than Fire/Ice Shards at LEAST, goodness gracious. That would be a big improvement. Paying for those is downright depressing. :t_rex:


Indeed. Double or triple prizes at every point. Let people get what they see as most valuable for them.


I’ll look at the bright side… At least I’m not tempted to purchase any of the prizes, so my Hunt for Pathox will not be threatened. I was interested in a number of the items before seeing the prices.