Headless Horseman Portrait Branch Official Discussion Thread


the amounts shocked me more…


Why I don’t understand is that if they where able to create an animated portrait with background why there is no one animated without background. :thinking:


I selected all backgroundless … it’s nicer IMO. This one is animated with a black background. Maybe they can do this in the future, with something similar to the moving snow flurries


The portrait options are nice


So, the prizes are just a little garbage, and I mean pretty garbage. I looked at the gold chests for a minute, but the equivalent prices are more expensive than every gold chest prize except the first one in a branch. Pearls and Embers interested me too, but not in such small amounts. Same for timers and egg tokens. I will get more when I actually make a go for a line. About halfway down is as far as I will get, but that is still more resources.

Excellent portraits though. I like having the option for backgroundless and backgrounds


Funny thing is, I normally hate the backgrounds, but this one is actually good. :rofl:


What about a female portrait?


My 2¢…

No real opinion on the candy packs - I didn’t really look at them. I can only say that if you think they are a “rip-off”, then don’t buy them. What’s the big deal?

I LOVE the idea behind the portrait line. True, many of the other “prizes” aren’t worth all that much, but I love that you can just skip them. The details could have been made a little more clear, though.

The portrait itself is pretty darn cool. I have only one complaint, and it’s mostly semantics. You call him “The Headless Horseman” and the legend is of a “Headless” Horseman, but this guy does, indeed, have a head. :thinking: He is more accurately “The Ghost Head Horseman.”

Still pretty cool, though. I’ll give “the team” a :+1: on this one.


Since our Headless Horseman
a. doesn’t have a horse
b. has a head, but is just not observing road safety by not wearing his pumpkin
Should PG rename him something more intuitive?

  • Yes
  • No
  • It’s just a name.

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Could PG be warning us of the prospective dangers of not wearing a carved pumpkin when riding horses via foreshadowing what’s going to happen to our fine dude? They’re dabbling in advocacy.

Edit: helmet > pumpkin, since…pumpkins aren’t helmets.

(Edit 2 for PG: /s? Please don’t divert brainpower to this, lol.)


If the prizes had been better, those sigil packs would have made some sense.

I really don’t get PG.


The prizes in the regular season lines definitely have a better value for the sigils compared to this.

However, I went for the pearls, regardless, as they are extremely difficult to come by (for me at least). I’ve been playing a little over a year and my perch is still a level 8. I don’t know if that’s a normal thing.


They only appear in gold chests. Try opening those in fortification.


I have, and that’s where I got the ones I’ve ever used except for in a dark moment last season I decided to open super sigils and get some from the rider second page.


My guess is the “Horseless Horseman”

I have even seen a player with the IGN “WheresMyHorse”. Guess what was their avatar…


I feel like we’re missing an opportunity here. His sword is clearly capable of decapitating fools. He’s the Horseless Headsman.


Give him an axe and call him the horseless headsman


Can someone draw me a avatar fit the name:

Helpless Bugman


Yall should be grateful the potrait is not a female potrait :ghost:


how can you tell it is not female portrait?


I think this pick and choose idea was pretty awesome. Nice initiative PG. This is the kind of direction we like to see!