Heads Up: Gear Crafting ending early (when 3.70 comes out later today)


When 3.70 comes out, we’ll unfortunately need to end the current craft gear event. You’ll still be able to claim your prizes for some time after the event ends, like usual.


Dave noooo I was closing in on maxing the event :slightly_frowning_face:


Sorry :(. On the plus side, you must have earned a metric ton of timers. You are going to be set for that next fort event! I’m barely a quarter of the way through the event … I need to up my game. My poor Ashe needs some better gear!


You made my day when I saw the amount of timers. Was nice to see an event with good rewards.


@PGDave kinda sad to hear this… I’ve been having a glitch when trying to collect forged gear and am unable to achieve better points in the event due to this glitch. Customer service is saying they are aware of the issue but there is no fix for it. Anyone else having this same issue and or have a work around to collect the forged items without it constantly syncing? Thanks!


@HalleyBears Not yet – but an engineer is actively working on this. One big fix is going out with the 3.70 update today (which ties back to the source of this).


Thank you for your quick response! :hugs:


How can we claim the last tier if we can’t get into beta now? I had one more to collect to get the last tier of prizes i would have sped up the last three if we had any warning.


@Direwolfghost You’ll be able to claim prizes already earned when the Atlas icon returns. Our team is upgrading our servers now.


Darn, I was pacing myself. Left so many timers on the table :see_no_evil:There is no way to restart this under 3.70?


Sadly not :(. Next one should go the full intended duration though. Sorry for the inconvenience.


wow this happened over night for me. Woke up, started 3 crafting shops, then I realized the mail and that my beta was missing.
Ohwell, atleast I got an epic ring from those crafts :joy:
And thanks again for the amazing rewards in scrolls and timers :slight_smile:


I got an epic pair of boots too! But I ran out of crafting shards so I couldn’t upgrade them too much yet. Next event :smiley:.


At least you have confirmed epic exists lol. Not seen one yet.


I think it took me around 30 crafts to get my first epic item. Maybe we are the unlucky ones, not sure yet :see_no_evil:


I LOVE my shiney legendary boots :heart_eyes:


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