Healing ability

What are people’s thoughts on seasonal dragons that do not have any healing ability? I have seen some mixed thoughts about not needed it but the question I ask, would you spend the sigils on a seasonal that can’t heal (regen heath during run)

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It depends on the rest of the spell kit I suppose.


I wouldn’t. Especially if it would be a mythic. No way Jose !

I think they meant they want all past and future seasonals yo have 0 heal times.
Personally I feel it should be lineage dragons that have 0 heal time to get people to use them more.

Only time they are viable is at or close to end game

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Making bad dragons have 0 heal time won’t
make people use the bad dragons

Maybe for chest farming…


Absolutely if it’s a good one. Morak is still one of the best legendary divines ever.


You do not require healing if the spell kit can reasonably allow you to avoid damage in the first place.

I do not predicate my dragon choice arbitrarily on whether or not one type of spell is present. I have found that one is far better served looking at the complete kit, and their flying style/ability, when trying to determine a dragon’s viability. Still, even then, I may need to fly it or observe it being flown first before being certain.


I think that this is a problem bigger than just bad dragons. Completely off topic now. But this game has no way of adapting old content into new meta.
Realistically new towers should not be released at such early stages, new towers should be released at higher levels when dragons were or are created to deal with said towers. Amarok was a beast still is but completely useless against flacks which are available while he is still in prime time.

It is way to late to rewind and make the sort of changes to balance old lineage dragons against current or even old meta.

Any new content that becomes available at such low levels will automatically make dragons of that level obsolete.
This then forces divines to be the only option for low-mid level players to be competitive in any way shape or form.

There is so much more to it than just the little bits I don’t even coherently put into words. But I hope you can understand what I am trying to say.

I figure 0 heal times for kineage won’t hurt anyone, it still leaves heal pots in chests as everyone uses divines anyway, and it allows lower level players to try and try again and play with the lineage dragons more.


Morak is the only dragon that without a healing mechanism is still great. I don’t know any other dragon that fits the bill like this one.

A dragon does not need to have a healing spell in order to destroy bases as efficiently as those that have one.

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The thing is, even up to date dragons that come out have had a history of not being viable vs the meta, but you do make good points :slight_smile:

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Redrian’s not a divine but was great in his prime

Depends on the spell kit jjin dose need a heal or just his cloke costs one rage he will be so much better

Or arguably keep cost of cloak 2rage but reload ammo??

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Yeh or a heal or something that is a Dobble spell