Healing Mark's Power...What's up with that?

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We know there’s been a lot of talk around Healing Mark, Spring’s Renewal, and other healing-based spells recently. We wanted to provide some further context for changes to Healing Mark, which went into effect around the time the Springveil Season launched.

Healing Mark is a healing-based spell that should function similarly to other healing spells, but previously did not. Other healing (and even some damage) spells in the game work off of “percentage HP”, where HP refers to the unmodified, base HP of a Dragon. Healing Mark was an outlier spell that was working off of the modified HP instead (by way of HP boosts, Research, Dragon Riders and Gear, and Runes). With the updates that recently released, we adjusted Healing Mark to operate on base HP versus the previous modified HP, standardizing all healing-based spells.

With this change, some players noticed a weakening of Healing Mark performance depending on how modified their Dragon’s HP was (by way of HP boosts, Research, Dragon Riders and Gear, and Runes). Because of this, we have buffed Healing Mark’s healing power to compensate for the change from modified to base HP. Healing Mark previously healed for 10% of a Dragon’s modified HP. Now, it will heal for 18% of the Dragon’s base HP. We increased the percentage healed as a way to have Healing Mark retain comparable or better performance based upon commonly applied HP modifiers.

So what happened during Springveil launch? Why was my healing all over the place?

When a server-delivered update rolled out on Tuesday, March 6th, the behavior of the Healing Mark spell was standardized to operate on base HP rather than modified HP. This resulted in reduced effectiveness for dragons with HP modifiers applied, so the next day (Wednesday, March 7th), we pushed an update that changed Healing Mark’s percentage of base HP healed from 10% to 18%. This adjustment was aimed at compensating for the performance impact of shifting from modified HP to base HP.

So why base HP? Why not just use modified HP for all healing-based spells?

By using base HP, the absolute strength of the Healing Mark spell is reliant on the Dragon and any spell modifiers, but it is not reliant on independent modifiers like HP. Pointing “percentage HP” towards base HP makes other HP modifiers independent of the spells itself. These boosts are meant to work independently to increase the overall viability of the dragon, as Healing Mark is not a spell meant to be a customized by overly buffing the base HP of the Dragon.

The messaging around percentage spells is where some confusion can come in. The game itself does not detail out specific percentages of spells. As a savvy player, it’s understandable to take interest in the exact parameters of new spells to understand the differences in Dragons’ power. When we communicate via our War Dragons blogs and other various channels, we try to be as transparent as possible with the parameters around Dragon spells, Dragon Rider buffs, and Runes, among other things. In the example of Spring’s Renewal, “dragon gains 20% health” was too vague to get a real understanding of what that health was based on. We weren’t as concise as we could have been with the definition of the spell, and we will be more informative with these spell descriptions as new and returning spells are explained down the road.

So where does Aibrean’s Spring’s Renewal come into play?

Spring’s Renewal carries a healing component like Healing Mark, but it is inherently not the same spell. At base values they provide comparable healing… Healing Mark now provides 18%, while Spring’s Renewal provides 20% healing of the Dragon’s base HP. It’s important to consider that the second, additional effect of Spring’s Renewal grants you 2 Rage immediately once the tower is destroyed. This spell is a net positive spell in terms of rage, and should be used at all times to maximize the benefits that the spell provides. Yes, certain runes will buff Healing Mark’s percentage healed to an amount higher than Spring’s Renewal. Healing Mark costs 1 Rage, and needs to be considered among the various other spells a given Dragon may have, since you do not ever gain Rage for using the spell itself. Spring’s Renewals is fundamentally different, and the play style behind using each is equally different, as well.

We hope this provides some more context and clarity on the design decision around Healing Mark and spell functionality. As always, we sincerely appreciate your feedback and your patience. We hope this summary helps explain the background and current state of these spells, and we’ll strive to explain future spells as concisely as possible.


Thanks for explaining what happened! I wondered what happened.

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Any information on chaos runes?@Arelyna @PGCrisis

Yes! A fix is going out within the next few weeks to get Chaos runes working as intended. It will be a binary update to the game (one that you’ll have to update from the App Store or Google Play Store), so you’ll know when it’s arrived. :slight_smile:



@NotOwl @Enigma @MikesGoN2GetU @Lutrus @Zazrak :point_up: :point_up: :point_up:


No complains, but wouldve preferred next few days as im riding my aib like ugh. :joy:

And thanks for the tag!

It’s a start. Can you comment on the fact that spring revival was advertised as healing double what HM does but doesn’t?

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Ya we already figured that out… doesn’t change the fact that based on the information available Spring revival was advertised as healing twice that of HM at its base level. Which it does not. I made in game decisions based on that misinformation. Decisions that costed me in game currency that costed me real life money… what do you have to say about that fact that we were very much misinformed?


I really hope this fix works. Get it out as soon as possible, if possible now would be the best time to fix it

Good that HM is kept as good as it was originally.
The bad thing is that it happens when new season has started, and one of the dragons was announced with 20% heal, like HM but twice as much.
So, when I looked at the skills (and, I guess, many others), what I thought? Wow, that’s twice as much as HM, worth to try! Now you are saying - ok, all that time we calculated HM effect in a wrong way, now it is fixed, and it heals the same amount of HP. And now it is not 10%, but 18%. But - Renewal is still 20% of base HP. So it is not 2 times better than HM, it is almost just the same. And announcement comes after week and a half of season start, when many people opened the tier far enough. Some of them (well, at least me) sacrificed taking egg token branch to get most from first 2 weeks of discount. Doesn’t look fair.

On the post with dragon skills, I still see:

Chaos - Active | Blue | 2 Rage
Dragon will do 200% damage. Spell has a 4 second duration.

Spring’s Renewal - Active | Red | 1 Rage
Applies a mark to target tower. When the marked tower is destroyed, dragon gains 20% health and 2 Rage. Spell has a 4 second cooldown.

If HM is “10%”, it would look fair if the power of Renewal will be improved. Now same question in Chaos - 200% of base attack?
Please update the page also.


Thank you for the explanation but I’m curious as to why it wasn’t announced. It sounds like an intentional change so shouldn’t it have been communicated?

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But then we wouldn’t have been duped into thinking Aibrean was going to kick ass…

Still not a bad dragon but not at all what was advertised. Don’t we all love not getting what we paid for? Especially when getting a refund is not an option? I think PG thinks this is good practice. It makes them lots of money after all.

PG here is an idea for the start of next season. Advertise a dragon that has all white spells! Make it a mythic but with a discounted period of 2 weeks. But when we get it make them not be white at all and simply claim it was a visual glitch or some BS. Think of the money you will make during those 2 weeks!!! Extra Tip for even more imcome, make the first event of the season a PVP event so people wont hesitate to go all out right away to get it. The whole office could have money fights after that! LET IT RAIN!!!


Hey @PGCrisis
What about Corthanak’s new spell ( Ghostfire Blast) ?? The damage caused by this spell is determined by the Dragon’s base HP OR it is influenced by the various boosts (riders, gears, runes like Rune of Pride etc) ?? Thx u, I hope I explained myself :slight_smile:

It’s pretty obvious I’m just learning the mechanics of these spells so my question is if SR is based off base why are we putting runes, riders and research?

To have more health buffer. You can’t use SR if you are dead.

And you still can heal up to your modified max hp.


Just get a refund from apple or android. At this point everyone should be asking for refunds every time pg pulls this BS. As in another post the BBB has given pg a D-. The question is how does pg justify the shady and obviously on purpose tactics.

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Here we go again :beer::sunglasses::popcorn:

It still is a decent dragon, better than Estril anyways. Plus i still got all the other prizes so i can’t complain too much. But i likely would have waited for the discount Rider and second hunter and NOT gone for this hunter if i was given more accurate information (meaning i could have waited for PVP event to open chests… damn).

I just hate their false advertising and i agree, is likely intentional. And if it isn’t intentional it comes from incompetence. D- rating sounds about right.

That’s what gets me. Intentionally misleading customers. It’s not right , but I guess I can only blame myself because I keep playing.

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