Healing Potions... Not Enough

In the last four/five months the drops on healing potions has been reduced significantly. Now I don’t know if this is happening to everyone, but after being self sustaining for over a year, I am at the point where I need to spend money just to be able to fly my dragons!

Being able to fly is the single thing that should never be an issue…

I’m an average flyer with around 1 million medals each week. Most of my flights are 1 dragon attacks. At the rate of recent drops I will be out of potions by the end of the week if I don’t spend on chests, and the recent chests (gold included - 150 last event) I’ve opened have kept me going for another week…

What I want to know is what does it matter if a player has 10,000 potions as long as they can fly… Limiting a player’s ability to fly their dragons is counter intuitive to the success of the game. Having players stress if they have enough healing potions to make it worth while turning the game on is ridiculous.

The only thing I can think of is that by limiting the number of potions it will eliminate those players that succeed by volume of play, rather than what they spend. Now I spend a little, comparatively speaking, but this is because I want to. The moment you force a player spend it changes how they feel about the game. For something as simple as providing the tools for players to “mount up” I honestly don’t see the up side.

For someone who just got Atlas and is happy to explore this side of things I am going to be of no use to my team if I can’t fly. Using your roster, then waiting for 35 minutes for them to heal is not realistic.

Others on my team have noticed the difference too, so I’m certain it’s not just me… players with thousands find themselves dropping at an alarming rate. Our spenders are just holding steady.

When players on our team messaged PG the response was that drop rates have not changed. But this cannot possibly be true, I have a year of steady play behind me with no issues until the last several months where my potion count has been steadily declining. I know my 1 million medals this event earned me 255 bronze chests when I have averaged between 400 and 700 an event prior to Christmas… keeping track of potion drop rates is too time consuming to consider… but this event alone I dropped over 250.

All I can say is please, please fix this!


Speedup healing potions :smiling_imp:

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Same thing here.

I’ve stayed between 300-480 healing potions over the past year and a half of playing (maybe a dip or two i forget) but as of late i’ve been down to under half that amount and having to preserve every hit that i do due to lack of potions.


I’m at less that a 100 atm and I spend about $200/month. I do realize there a players out there with thousands of heal pots. I’m sure that can be attributed to a combination of spending and flying habits. The lack of heal pots has drastically changed the way I play. Typically I would fly 100+ times per day, thus the need for heal pots. Sadly that’s not the case anymore, I guess everyone’s RSS is just a tad safer now. :smile:

I also realize I can speed them up but I’m not a fan. I’d rather save my speed ups for new dragons and building (which they were originally intended for).

I would suggest working your way into a higher league that offers better event prizes. That has been much of my success in keeping ahead with potions.

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agree with u.

but im sitting on 6k heal pots tho…

just out of hammers :joy:

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I currently play in Sapphire 2, been bouncing between Sapphire 3 and Sapphire 2 for 5 months…

Maybe I’m a more casual player than you, but I actually don’t have as much of an issue with healing potions as I used to. I’ve pushed myself very hard the last two events (exhausting :rofl:) + did plenty of XP runs on Fomhar, and I barely dipped under 100 at any time. When I was <lvl50, I was almost always out.
I open my chests during PvPs (planning to not even open them next event, I’ve only got 80 bronzies; AFAIK, potions drop more in PvPs) and forge potions exclusively (90% of the time).
I think getting more potions is a combination of balancing flying frequency, opening event prizes/chests, forging, and just overall performance.
I dunno. I agree that in general, chest drops probably need to be more balanced in the future, but maybe it’s not a huge priority (at this moment). :t_rex:

When it means the difference between playing and not playing it becomes a huge priority.

Fair enough. I’ve been busy in real life lately compared to about a month back, so I suppose my view is a little more casual than most. The game’s got so many other issues that I don’t really think about potions often. :t_rex:

Umm i’m in D2. Not much place to go up, unless you mean going up to D1 and have to spend way more healing potions to stay there…
My teammates are also low on potions too (one was bragging last night that he was up to 3…)


:scream: Only 3??? How awful :sob:

Yeah, this has become a huge issue for me, too. I’m in D1. 2-3 months ago I had to start forging them around the clock and carefully conserving runs to stay afloat. Even with that, if I didn’t get a good infusion of gold chests every so often (from spending or event prizes), I would definitely run out.

Yep I’m nearly out as well

I have to use atlas prizes to speed my heal pots as I’m almost always < 22.

Yup, having the same issue. Having forged potions and opening dozens of g chests I’m still running out. I could just be reckless but i suspect a drop rate has definitely occurred.

I DESPERATELY need more…I am struggling to hit 10

I am in Sapphire 3, and I am also struggling with potions. Makes me so jealous when I see those players with over 1000 :joy:

I have like 6.8k pots I think… we need a solution that doesn’t involve putting them back in gold chests


I’m in D2. Do hundreds of runs some days. But haven’t bought a pack since August.