Healing Time Rarity or Tier

Why is healing time decided by tier?
Example: Red Tier starts with 25s heal time then in Green (maybe orange or gold) the heal time gets capped at 30 minutes.

The heal times mentioned are times when the dragon takes 0 damage.

I don’t know … does anyone else think it’s better for healing time to be based off on rarity? So anyways it will be capped at sapphire.

The longest healing time is 5H I believe

There’s heal times? Sorry, I just heal pot em if I need them.

And really, IMO, I think heal times in Gold and below should be minimal, except I think they institute them to encourage you to buy stuff. In later tiers, by the time you get there, you usually have hundreds, if not thousands, of heal pots and don’t think twice about using one to heal a dragon.

Lies, all lies.


:rofl: Photoshop ftw?

Just kidding. Heal pots seem to be feast or famine. I’ve seen threads on here with players complaining that they have too many, so :man_shrugging:

Lol I don’t care but just wondering why it’s tier not rarity…
I don’t get more than 200 healing pots btw

Play more, forums less. I get 1-2 heal pots every time I attack. Ok, that’s a SLIGHT exaggeration. But in a typical day, I earn more than I use.

I farm 100 chests a day :eyes: I think I play enough. I’m playing while typing on forums so :thinking:

Then I dunno then, I farm about the same number of chests as well, keep a full roster of dragons, and collect enough heal pots from runs to never need to forge them :man_shrugging:

Don’t close it, I’d actually like to see heal times disappear for “new players” in say, the first 4 tiers.

Hmmm ok then. Deleting that post

Think back to when you first started playing. What was the most annoying thing? For me, it was having to wait for my dragons to heal.

When you first start playing a game, that is the time to get hooked. Anything that takes away from play time, like waiting for your dragons to heal for 5 minutes, meant close the app and forget about the game.

Sure, you can forge them, 1 per FIVE hours, or buy them, but usually, when you first try out a new game, you aren’t sure you WANT to spend money on it. You can pretty much make it through the first tier, or two, of dragons in a few hours…but not if you have to wait for dragons to heal.

Seriously, I’d like to see heal times in Red, Purple and Blue tiers reduced to seconds, at most.


That means we get ember 2.0 ——-> Bolt

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I think it doesn’t make sense that a dragon that lost no health at all needs time to heal. :man_facepalming:


Yeah why do we need inner fires for that

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