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LFM – Gold3HeavensAngelslvl85 required

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Time Zone:N/A
Played time:N/A
Age Range: preferably 18+
Elite Account?:N/A
Dragon Roster Includes:N/A
Highest Lineage Dragon:N/A

About:We are an semi new team that are looking for members who are willing to make an commitment to our team, we do have expectations for officers and members that have to be met in order to stay.

Rebuilding? :thinking:

No actually I just thought it’d help for when being in high gold leagues with how high everyone is…

And what is your value proposition? Why would a 145 in gold who is unhappy with their team want to join a bronze team, when he/she can just as easily join another gold (or silver, or low plat) team? Tone is sometimes difficult to pinpoint in the written word, so, for the record, I am not intending this to sound rude, but it is something to think about. IMO pretty much everyone starting a team nowadays would be much better served joining an established one. With very few exceptions (shout out to the MGC), no team is really that special.


Ones passion for leading as reignited is all I’d like to try again with it

Have you been in high gold league lately? Its not uncommon to find 2 digit level players in P3 now.

Its crazy. I remember when Gold 2 was fiercely competitive. Wars every night, no one had a clue Atlas existed. Those were the good days. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think the requirement is level 45 not level 145.

While there are plenty of people below 100 in platinum leagues, there’s also a lot of people much higher than 100 in gold leagues. They just aren’t on full teams usually. It is a weird world.

I assume that most of the bigs sitting in Gold have quit playing the game competitively, but still want to come on and chat with their friends and maybe fly a little bit.

Its rec league WD.

Or else they are on vacation and want to claim daily eggs and team prizes without having to actually fly.

I understand the drive to make a new team and lead. I did it and I was quite successful with my team. The fact is, there are less and less players and the ones that actually want to compete will join an atlas team. It takes a ton of work to run a team and you will never get atlas and you will always have players leaving to get atlas. You will eventually disband or merge with a better team.

So if you want a non-competitive team that dedicates it’s time to teach newbies until they leave for atlas, go ahead and build your team. Just please teach the newbies right and make them want to keep playing the game.


Yes I have this account is just a mini I’ve been in Bronze-plat Teams

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