Hello? Are you self-quarantining too? 👀

Day 3 for me. I’m getting this strong urge to send inappropriate texts.

If you’re self-quarantining, what day is it for you? And are you fighting any urges?

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I’ve already given into the urge to try a little bit of every snack in stock :roll_eyes:


about 6 days. I write from Italy :raising_hand_woman:t2:


How do you keep from running out of stuff?

I have deliveries from Amazon and Walmart coming this week. Two different kinds of Oreos on the way … I gave myself permission to indulge.

I self isolated myself long before this is become a thing.


Are you sick?

Self quarantine here! Rather be safe than sorry. :wink:


I have an incurable cancer diagnosis and a drug regime that suppresses my immune system - yup today is day one of isolation because our government / Prime Minister announced today that vulnerables like me should be shielded for 12 weeks. Keep expecting to see speed zombies running down the streets… :rofl:

Are you keeping yourself and your families safe? It’s all that matters :pray: Be kind to each other. UK here.


No, I’m overly-introvert.


I’m too introverted to function around a lot of people around me so this is not too bad for me


My daughter takes that type of drugs too so we voluntarily isolated us before they (still didn’t) ask us to. Keep sane and godspeed mate!


Self quarantine? You mean my normal every day lifestyle?


We are allowed to go out to get groceries, bringing a paper with us because there’s the police kinda everywhere, checking.

Only people who tested positive or were in contact with people who tested positive have to ACTUALLY be in quarantine for 14 days without permission to get out for any reason.

In that case, they are brought necessary stuff.

Elderly or disabled people, or whoever for any reason can’t go out to get groceries or drugs for chronic conditions, is helped by volunteers of the Protezione Civile, who bring them stuff at home.

Also, I would like to ask, if you’re self-quarantining, for whatever reason, how long do you plan to not leave your house?


Sending her the very strongest best wishes and luck! :pray:


Sorry that you have to go through this in addition to cancer. 12 weeks is a long time to be isolated. :flushed:

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It is one of the worst heartbreaks to see your child hurting/ill. Kudos for taking the initiative to keep her safe! :+1:t3:


I’m thinking two weeks after my symptoms stop … started getting chills, sore throat, and cough on Friday night. Dunno what it is but see no point in trying to get tested when there aren’t enough test kits.

Hope you feel better soon.

If you don’t, or if you worsen, please seek medical advice. :hugs:

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Day 8 for me since making the decision to self-isolate.

I am planning on only leaving the house for my regular clinic appts (I need regular injections to keep my lungs functioning). So, given I am immuno-compromised, I am waiting this b1tch out as much as is possible. Thank God I already work 100% remote.


Day 4 here (near Barcelona)

State of Alert (direct translation) declared friday and active since sunday.

Since my job can be done at home and I’m near (50 km) the red zone of my region we decided to take our Macs and work from home.

Also, one of my employee woke up monday with symptoms of COVID-19 and was ordered to stay at house (but no actual control of if it’s really COVID-19 or not is done here…) and the mother-in-law from another employee has it since the weekend (and was taking care of the children while he was working here…)… so better keep our possible contagion in check at home…

EDIT: our local government ask it’s citizen to auto-isolate themself since the central government doesn’t order it

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