Hello Dragonlords

My level is 42. But in teamed management it shows 61 . Anyone has that glich before . And what to do? Thanks.

This happened to one of my teammates. She uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it was fixed.

Hi. Just try it not help for me

Then I don’t know :woman_shrugging:t2: make sure you’re team mates know that you aren’t a Lv 61 at least. See if it goes away after a while. If that doesn’t work then I have no idea what you should try

Do you have a second account of that level in which you were sharing devices with?
Did a level 61 from your team use your log in details to log in your account from their device?

I’ve seen this in the past and it’s usually a glitch that gets carried over from account or device sharing

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Yes I have second account 61 what I should do.

Nothing you can do. You glitched your account by running both accounts on the same device. PG warns people not to do it for this reason, be thankful that this is the only thing that got messed up with your account :+1:

I see. Can I can get banned for this…

@PGJared Question to you

Sorry. Didn’t understood.

@mechengg has tagged one of the of the PG employees to look into it for you :wink: you could also submit a ticket to support if you haven’t already

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This is an issue with an account being bugged, not cheating. There’s nothing bannable here.


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