Hello everyone:)

I can’t seem to find a right department for my question
My whole base is shaking every 30s-40s since last update… how can I fix it??

Do you have a perch dragon, such as Nydryr, Anuba, or another dragon that makes the screen shake when it roars in the den? That was an issue before, so I wonder if it came back/wasn’t addressed for a new dragon. I’d report it in-game and try replacing it with another dragon that doesn’t make the screen shake in the den :slight_smile:

@moderators to move

Ohh is Gladicus and I have to suffer the torture for another 7h until I can change him :confounded::confounded::confounded::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::grimacing:
Thank you… I could have never thought of that at least not until I was going to move him from there for battle

Upgrading the perch will also force the dragon off :slight_smile:

Good try :joy::joy::joy: I already used all the pearls

I might survive 7h
At least now I know the reason… was worse when I had no clue how to make it stop