Hello I really like water dragons plz help me

can ANyone help me get the shrine unlocked so I can have the water dragon

Defend bases and drop dragons. Kill 20 and you get the water dragon

The water dragon is OP


WHat u mean drop dragons

Kill dragons

Participate in events and get seasonal dragons and keep breeding & get lineage dragons.

You don’t want that damn water dragon!

Ok thx so I have to kill the dragons attacking my base

Kill dragons attacking your, or your teammates, bases.

Other people’s base as well

Your base or a teammate’s base.

OK Thx

Defend bases

PvP Event Battles don’t count just so you know :slight_smile:

After level 50ish the water dragon (ryuu) is useless. Don’t get super exited …

Be aware that the water dragon (once unlocked) can be only used twice. Once used, you have to unlock him again.

Just letting you know so that you don’t wonder where he went.

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