Hello this post is just to talk together

Please keep posts friendly and no swearing​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

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I would like to start with what is everyone’s favorite dragon?

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[Sentence redacted]


I’m just getting used to this

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No worries. Nothing wrong with trying to chat-even if certain corners of the forums are a wee bit toxic.
You’ll settle in soon enough lol


Odd I don’t see anything wrong with him using the forum :man_shrugging: Does the community need this post ?
Nope! But is it toxic ?
Only if we make it that way!
So happy to chat about random topics :crazy_face: my favorite dragon is the most profitable one so I’d have to say ember :man_shrugging: Funnest to fly is debatable :thinking:hmmmm

I’d have to say noctua actually over the years ive enjoyed flying that dragon consistently along with hau because she offers a challenge to a flyers skill level and offers massive attack potential to those who can master her!

But pure joy of flying I’d say noctua never disappoints me.:sunglasses:


okay gif time

we heard that dungeons are coming


but the prizes?


it’s a f…ing free event

giphy (1)


giphy (2)

well i kinda sweared, but kinda, little juust a litte, dot dot dot technically not


I am having fun with Sorath’rim :smiley:

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I’ve actually found some temporary joy in this mini event! Shocking I know! :scream::joy:

I will need to try the applied tactic down here in plat and see if I can get enough active players on my team to join me in coordinated attacking.

We did this a few times and it made the event actually fun! :flushed:

Yep! We all had a good time and participation was up and activity went up as well and we all worked together to cooperatively clear the dungeon for everyone!

Of course that will only last a few reiterations of the event before that becomes repetitive …sadly like all short term mechanics our events only supply a short burst of escalation to drive participation! :arrows_counterclockwise:
We need a long term feature that supports endless conflict! :sunglasses:
Like an actual map based on a offensive mechanic with long term tactical play!


Yeah I kinda wanted to fly him just to see what all the complaints were about lol
Xul looked nice in the air but so did sorath!
Zami was flying them both and they looked decent but didn’t really spark my imagination and make me really want to seek one out!
And so I decided to focus on growth and save this season.
Who knows maybe I’ll get lucky and snag one :crazy_face::sunglasses::facepunch:


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Ok I will admit I am guilty of collecting all time based spell kits :man_shrugging::crazy_face:
They have a appeal I can’t ignore! :facepunch:

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I like how it gets the team involved. Big players can get help (and sometimes need help) from smaller players with good Seasonals at different levels. I find it enjoyable.

Yep the teamwork that it supports :sunglasses::facepunch:

That’s teamwork and participation for ya :crazy_face::facepunch:

Let the dude make all the topics he wants lol. He’s excited. Let him be.


Sup homie. I’m Daedalus. I’m in platinum 4. What kind of hobbies you like?


He’s not it’s just the elephant in the room