Help a Newbie on Christmas Day 😂

Hey guys! Happy Hollidays!

My name’s Aegmon and I started playing this game early in November. I’m a seasoned gamer so I’ve learned to read the forums before doing anything stupid :joy:
I’m here today as I’m getting confused with the “keep your level low” thing as I’m lvl 37 rn and I’ve just hatched Amarok. I’ve been viewing @TheRedDelilah breeding guides as well as the dragon check ins, but I’m confused on the parts where its noted there that “you may have to skeep fortification events”. As I am very active and spend a lot of hours playing this game everyday. The thing is I want to follow those extreme check ins where I can get high tier dragons for my level, but at the same time I want my base to be also high level so that I can get more XP per run as I mostly fly over XP bases with my baby dragons. Any help /opinion is very much appreciated. Have a good day :hugs:

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That skipping fortification part comes if you are not levelling your dragons sufficiently ! You don’t need to think about it until level 63-70! My experience. But always have dragons powerful enough to take down short bases of your level unboosted. That is a good criteria and Red’s Dragon check-in is very good to keep your dragons strong compared to base.
The only thing you have to remember is its awesome to have Ettin hatched at level 40 and Whale hatched at level 70. You will be badass with Amarok and ettin in your roster at level 40.
But frankly, I couldn’t do it myself and only hatched Ettin when i was level 56. You need to be religious with your egg token missions and xp runs to get all the dragons as per path selected quickly. And frankly levelling is pain unless you have insane amount of healing potions.


Woop woop I just hatched Ettin at level 42 :grin:


And your point is?

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Hmmmmm I seem to get it more now

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If you hatched amarok, I Think you can enjoy fortification till around 80
Then it Depends What dragons you have

I Only started slowing down know and I am 196
It all Depends What dragons you have.

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As discussed in another thread there is literally no need to slow down before level 186. Where you get max xp.

If you’re lv 140 and have a garnet it might be nice but you will take doubke the time to level them as a lv 186.

So just be active follow a good breeding plan and level what you like.

It makes of course sense to level after you bought elite a tower and storage (keep storage always going). That way you can build higher level towers and feed bigger dragons.


Thank you. Can I possibly get a link of that thread? :slight_smile:

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There are multiple schools of thought to leveling.

I prefer to stay a low level for dragons because it makes the game more enjoyable. Others prefer to level so you can get more XP per run and such. Depends on what you want


Either be a badass by getting powerful dragons early, or choose less grinding by getting powerful dragons late. Its your choice really!
But i like being badass :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you for the reply. I very much understand the different concepts on leveling right now :slight_smile:

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I prefer to base things by the progress I can get in little time. Since I’ve joined only this november. Basically just get high lvl base and strong enough dragons :grin: I’m very active so maybe I’ll have less problems in breeding


I did the same. Very active status and built up a kick ass base and I always had the newest dragons when they came out. That’s on my main account where I spend.

On my alt I have pretty good dragons bc I always completed the Devine hunters till their final stone.

Everyone has his own ways to like the game I like reaching goals and that’s why I never regret doing what I did.


If you rush your base to 180+ you base will be crap… Plain and simple, you won’t have enough eggs to upgrade your Hut which will force you to level bunch of towers to the max level because you can’t unlock the higher levels. Your dragons will be crap and you’ll need backups all the time, all this for having more experience? Haha, if you are as active as you are stay course to Red’s check in and her breeding guides and you’ll be fine.


There are always ppl who fuck it up and make mistakes we all did as newbies.

You will always need help for xp runs no matter if you’re lv 6 or 500 for your babies. And as a lv 186 you need only a small percentage on the 312 xp base to have the same xp as a lv 130.

And as a low level you get only a better base when you follow the apophet path all other sapphires don’t give you the extra eggs you need for a better builder and thus higher towers.

Doing so you have to bother with dragons I personally dislike so I went with my alt the Hauheset and frostbiter route and have dragons which draw me daily a smile in my face.:grin:

Is that route more expensive than others? Sure. Is it worth for hunter pilots? Definitely!

Does it matter if a lv 140-180 base has one or two tower levels more in times of emerald and obsidian backers? Not at all.


Is there really no chance of getting both Apo and Hau early on without spending?


So many misconceptions in that response it’s crazy lol. Yes, there are always people who mess up and make mistakes as newbies that’s why they come in here and ask for advice. Why do you advise them to do the same mistake you did? Quite frankly I don’t even think you are aware that it is a mistake to build like that.

You do not always need help for xp runs rofl! If you level your base slow and in line with Red’s check in the new babys you have will be strong for your level and you will be able to do your XP bases. (Btw, 312 is not the only base you can use to get max exp lol. do some research).

I had my first garnet when I was 150ish and I was able to do all my xp runs. I am lvl 196 now and I got my first emerald, Ferga, and I’m able to do my xp runs without backups. Only dragons you actually need backups on are the dragons that you get on a side while breeding main dragons.

Again, you are wrong, you can go Hau and Frost path and still have a strong base, you just need to keep yourself in check and not over level you base. I went that route too and you get the eggs a bit later, but during the wait time don’t be a noob and keep leveling you base. So yeah, leveling slowly benefits your dragons (Hau and Frost) and you base (because it forces you to slow down your leveling if you’re smart and wait for the eggs for the Hut).

And lastly, yes it does matter. I’m level 196 and nobody can kill my base with 1 dragon when I defend it. Noctua, Rhyo, bring anything you want. So yes, it does matter.

People seeking for advice come to these forums daily and they get such poor suggestion is a shame.

Disclaimer to everybody, DO YOUR OWN research once you get couple of suggestions, not everybody that’s giving an advice knows what they are talking about.


Exactly you are the best example for that :grin:.

There are too many factors which needs to be considered these days such as leagues you’re in etc.

Some are in platinum and a lv 200 is considered a big base. Some are in high sapphire and diamond and a lv 200 is considered a lv 70ish.

I run daily lv 180-300 bases (depends who has most food :grin:) with my alt and I know how the majority of those bases look like. You’re not 24/7 on to defend your own base so undefended all fall.

And you’re wrong buddy. No seasonal Devine or early lineage warriors and sorcerers can solo their xp bases for their relevant levels.

So in a nutshell good that you think you’d know something and also good that your path worked out for you but your advice is not the end of the rainbow lol :hugs:.

As said too many factors to weight in. Seasonal devines. Bad fliers in your replays who give you the impression that you found the holy grail.

Let’s agree to disagree :hugs:


You are welcome to visit my base undefended and test it, I’ll even pop few rss packs for you since you are in need of food I guess.

Let me remind you 90% of bases in this game are crap. I will never advise anybody to have another crap base hence why I’m offering my insight on bases, which obviously I have more then you.

Ironically your base is an average crap base for a level 334 :slight_smile: Your highest level blue mage tower is 42, and red 45 rofl. I had those levels at 163 and 181 respectively.

Also I’m wondering how you are a level 334 and allegedly have this alt that’s supposedly higher level and not know that Umbral Strike is 1 rage cost and not 2 rage. But that’s something for another discussion. Just questioning your credibility.

I’m not looking for you to agree with me lol, quite frankly I do not care, what I care about is that the person that asked for advice can get a good one from a person that knows what he is talking aobut, what you take from it doesn’t matter to me.

At the end of the day I’ll let the bases talk since this is a topic about the base advice.

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