Help a noob please

I do the know how to bookmark if the base I want to bookmark is not on the recommended to attack list thing. I really want to bookmark this awesome xp base so please help a noob

There are two tabs at the top left of your screen in the battle browser. The rightmost tab says Bookmarks. Tap it, and it will show all your bookmarks.

You can also mail the XP base, saves bookmark space :slight_smile:

I know that but if they aren’t there if, like I am, attacking a Lv 100 xp base that I can only find because I know the team name

Thanks for the idea I didn’t think of that!

Send a mail to the base. Then through that “sent mail” in your mailbox at the bottom you can click attack.

Oh, the how to bookmark bit wasn’t actually answered -
In this specific case, you can bookmark after the fight in the upper left by tapping the arrow, then bookmark; I’ve seen the icon go missing at random, though.

Otherwise, you can search for the base by looking up the team in the town hall (building that gives you daily egg tokens), searching for the player, and bookmarking (lower right) on the tactical overview screen.

Matchmaking also has it at the top:


The bookmark at the end of a base goes missing if you’ve been in the event since you opened the game.

Happens in PvP and minor events.

Quit the app and reopen and the arrow is back.


I never knew you could bookmark after an attack! That is very nice to know, thanks for showing this.

Just following a member of your team, you used to be able to bookmark a base, but i believe that you now have to deal the final blow to the base if you want to bookmark it after the run…

I’d suspect that you’re running into the issue that InvalidUserID noted above :slightly_smiling_face:

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I fixed it thx for the help!

Thank you @forScience and everyone else for assisting our new players! :muscle:

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