Help desk screwed up my game

I sent message to help desk due to ikaros spells working on delay
Namuka his name responded to my message said he gave me in game fix , told me to log out and reload game and should work.
Now my whole game is gliching get booted from game loading atlas and event or checking riders or dragons, not to mention now Karl’s spells still don’t launch when I use them and now heals 2/3 less than it did two hours ago it already lost some heal with updates now it don’t even register have to use four times to get back from using one rage spell thx for screwing up my game

Ikaros spells not Karl typing fast and keyboard does not work right ether, have to double tap letters and spell check is screwy

We can’t do anythin just open another ticket

First, from experience, disastrous lag and needing to double tap menus for a response can mean that the local files on your phone have been cleared. Letting it sit on wifi can help when this is the case.

If you choose to raise another ticket, you can take note of that ticket # and pm it to Gal for escalation. If you have trouble sending a ticket try this link:

Hope you get a resolution soon!

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Thx for advise but after namuka so called fixed my account my ikaros now heals at half the rate he used to making him worthless
Before I would heal what I lost using galv spell to gain rage now it takes two blue heals to gain back what used which one you don’t have time to while attacking and two use up any rage you have gained

That is what it is supposed to be. You aren’t supposed to be able to do GO then Starry Night over and over and still stay flying.


Can they not just fix him and let us have a legit version of exploding Kelvin



  • We squashed a bug that was causing incorrect coordinate copy/pasta in Atlas


  • Sorath’rim’s adaptive breath has been fixed and is working as expected
  • Ikaros’ Invoke: Stardust and Starry Night shields weren’t working properly, but we brought Ikaros back to Dragon School and taught him how to cast spells the right way. All fixed!

^ recent update fixed ikaros just going to toss this here

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Yes agree with not useing over and over to heal but before update and after he healed what he lost use galv which was hard to manage but fair made flying him on top bases a real challenge now they cut heal regain in half you beat anything with him now pg again takes a good dragon and screws the guys that work entire season to get and make him worthless is this for greed to make you spend to get new mystic cause it was not to make dragon equal to others at his level, I am not asking for overpowered dragon like gig was just asking to put him back the way he was, as is in month or two he will be outdated anyways due to tower increases and new dragon teers

He now heals 7% of modified HP. Galvanize takes 6% of modified HP, so it heals more than he loses.

Before the change, it would heal anywhere between 6% and 20% depending on your gear, runes etc, while galvanize would still always take 6%. Now that was certainly not fair.


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