Help doesn’t work

Try to send in a help ticket and all I get are failed messages.

Could you elaborate? By failed you mean that the message is not sent (submitting through the app) or failed meaning the issue is not resolved?

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I guess it’s the well known auto-response.
Try to reply it once, saying that it’s not your problem (if it’s really not).

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@OrcaFrost there is more, when we send a ticket, the support asks us to prove by sending prints etc. We cannot predict when an error occur, they happens when we do no expect. If playing a game is a matter or record we will lose the drive to play. For example: how about the problems unresolved in regards to cavaleris spells, no one has done anything about it :slightly_frowning_face:. I think, as players we are unvalued and our words doesn’t count. I really hope they take it as a consideration to improve customer services.

If the problem is reproducable, I used to try reproducing it.
If it’s unpredicted, I asked them to check the latest log (ticket submitted right after the bugged flight).

Regarding Cav’s spell (War Cry) it’s a known problem.
Note that some ticket can be resolved instantly, while the others may need days or years (cloak bug)

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i had similar problem when clicking help game restarted a few days ago

send an email version and let support know that you can’t send a ticket in-game. They should be able to help you with that.

Try accessing help through your browser…

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