Help, dragon and timers gone

I bred and put gorgonous in my incubator. It said 35 days, and because I had over 5500 1 hour times I sat there for 5 minutes and pounded out 35 days in 1 hr timers. As soon as it was done I clicked the check mark above my incubator and poof no dragon…and a whole lot of timers just gone, I contacted support and they said I never had that many timers, I know I did not imagine tapping out that many timers there were over 5500 when i started…well get this…gorgonous went back to my incubator as if I had never incubated it, now it says 25 days, my ticket# is 1205056, can someone help me, even if my account is reset back till before breed, this is killing me. I work very hard for my inventory I have on the game and for it to be taken and then I’m told it never existed I’m sorry but its disheartening and bogus. So can someone help me @ the right person to deal with this


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Can anyone help me please? That’s a lot of timers to go missing like they did…

Why is it no one can help me, take a look at my account, something happened and I lost my timers trying to incubate gorgonous.

Someone help me @ the right person please its been 2 days since I posted on here about the issue

Send a pm to @Arelyna

And don’t keep adding to your ticket or it pushes it to the back of the queue


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Sorry for the delay! I am actually the correct person to tag in this case, but was swamped with some meetings. @Stoni222xHBD, if you have a ticket number, it is easier for me to check into your case to see what potentially happened here.

He said it’s 1205056

Thank you! Apparently I missed that part when I was reading it. :flushed:

Thanks @Arelyna for taking time to look, it would have happened literally right after breed started! Sorry you were swamped, I appreciate any help you can give!

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